Barry, make room for the young: here they are Vagi and Naste, waiting for the Prati U20 gem

De Laurentiis, sporting director Polito and coach Mignani want to give space to new forces. In addition to Dorval and Moraccioli, there are many young people who are eager to go

Franco Serici

– he cheats

The green wave has begun. And it looks like he will mark the new Barry. Already, Luigi De Laurentiis, sporting director Ciro Polito and coach Michele Mignani are thinking of starting over, bringing a charge of new energy to the box that has just touched Serie A. The second year in B, if it’s roses… it can and should grow.

Green line

Meanwhile, nineteen-year-old striker Marco Nasti has arrived, albeit on loan from Milan (5 goals in the last tournament with Cosenza) and his contemporary Matteo Prati should soon follow in his footsteps, the midfielder that Napoli are moving from SPAL to on loan to Bari. ). “I don’t set immediate targets – as Faghi trusts -, other than to create embarrassment for our coach, when he has to make coaching decisions. Nasti and I are the newest arrivals, trying to get into the team dynamics.” Faghi tries to describe himself: “My strength is generosity, and I consider myself flexible. But I can and must improve in everything perhaps by absorbing something from every teammate. Comparisons with Benedetti? His path was important in Bari. We also have the same role, and I hope we can emulate him.”

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