Brown, renewal 304 million in 5 years with the Celtics. Be the highest paid player in the history of the NBA

Jaylen exceeds $276 million from Jokic’s contract with Denver. Next summer he could be bested by teammate Tatum, who the Celtics will be able to give 318

As the days went by, more media and fans questioned why the Celtics had not yet signed a contract extension with Jaylen Brown on paper. The leadership called for calm. And in fact, the signing arrived and made history: 5 years for 304 million, more than 60 per year, making him the highest-paid player in NBA history. The winger became eligible for maximum collective agreement after being included in Group B of the best players last season. His agent, Jason Gluchon, has been announced.

in Andalusia

The delay was due in part to Brown’s trip to Spain, who traveled to Andalusia where he vacationed before returning to Boston. And upon his return, on Sunday evening, the decisive meeting, with the medical examinations carried out yesterday before signing. So the Celtics are betting everything on the Tatum-Brown couple, which has pushed them to three conference Finals in the past four years, with a touchdown in the Finals in 2022, losing to the Warriors. Jaelin’s contract exceeds Nikola Jokic’s contract with Denver by 276 million.

A couple of 130 million a year

Next summer, Tatum will also have the opportunity to sign a “supermax” deal that will earn him 318 million, surpassing his teammate’s deal. The problem at that point for the whites and greens will be how to build the rest of the squad without going over the salary cap. There is still the possibility that Boston will sell the Browns at the end of next season, as they do not have a player’s favor clause to prevent him.

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