Cardiac arrest on the field: Fear for Broni James, son of LeBron. Now he is out of danger

The 18-year-old was training in Los Angeles when he collapsed. After spending a night in intensive care, he was transferred to the ward. Further investigations are pending to understand the causes

LeBron’s eldest son, Broni James, is out of danger after he suffered a cardiac arrest on Monday while playing sports. The news was only released this afternoon by a family spokesperson: “Yesterday Bronie James suffered a cardiac arrest while training. Medical staff managed to revive him before he was taken to hospital where he was admitted to intensive care.

He is now in stable condition and has been transferred to the ward. We ask that everyone respect the privacy of the James family. We’ll keep you updated with LeBron and Savannah (mother) and sincerely thank the USC medical staff for their prompt intervention.” Bruni is 18 years old and next season will be his first in college with USC.

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