Carlotta Ferlito and joy are back on the cycle: “A year’s menopause, they told me I was thin”

The gymnast, Blue, opened up about her struggles with an eating disorder and shared her experience on social media

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Carlotta Ferlitoa former gymnast who represented our country at the 2012 London Olympics and 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, spoke with an open heart on Instagram, where she shared her entire life story with her followers. Fight eating disorders.

Carlotta Ferlito and menopause

“I am usually an open book, but you don’t know this book. I have been suffering from menopause for more than a year (For starters, amenorrhea is the absence of a menstrual period in women.) I never hid from you suffered from eating disordersAnd though each day is still a little challenge,” she wrote on Instagram. However, this year has been quite challenging: A thousand visits, virtually no diagnosis except “You’ve lost a lot of weight” or “You need to relax because stress isn’t helping,” which he said at a time when external factors I can’t control create a lot of stress for me, it’s worth as much as “If you have anxiety the moment it’s posted, breathe it in and you’ll read it earlier.” The child is not in perspective (especially since there is a shortage of raw materials, let’s underestimate it), I was told that if I wanted to, I couldn’t conceive children in these circumstances. It was always heartbreaking“.

Carlotta Ferlito and the joy of the return of the cycle

Our body is a perfect machine That at the moment something was wrong he was trying to tell us in every way, and that was it My body is telling me to slow down And giving up wanting to be perfect and perform in every area of ​​my life,” she wrote back Carlotta Ferlito. “Good My period is back tonight!! Thanks to the splendor of the holiday, psychological assistance and a few extra kilos, I came to my senses!! I have never been so happy about bleeding, believe me. I feel like sharing these personal truths because I wanted to read words of comfort too when I was sickTake care of your body, your head, and above all, give up the belief that in order to live well you have to be successful in whatever you do.” Then the invitation to love yourself and your body:Imperfection is human, it is beauty And to top it all off, life is so short that scratching your head for extra kilos, an imperfect score, or disappointments in love just isn’t worth it! “.

What is menopause

with the term Menopause knows himself absence of menstruation. Amenorrhea can be classified into: Primary amenorrhea (If the woman is sixteen years old and has not had a menstrual period before) e Secondary amenorrhea (When menstruation, which has been present more or less regularly, stops). They are most at risk Women with eating disorders and the The athletes underwent very intense training programmes. Among the most common causes we mention: pressuresudden and important Weight lossAnd Excessive exercise And hormonal imbalances (PCOS, hyperthyroidism, benign pituitary adenomas, premature menopause).

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