Chi Weekly: «Federica Pellegrini pregnant, revealing photos»

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The weekly publishes pictures of Elahi on the cover under the headline: “Our Love Made in Three”. She neither confirms nor denies

Will Federica Pellegrini and Matteo Giunta turn three? According to the weekly newspaper “Chi”, it seems so. Dagospia, the first to re-launch the gossip, a few days ago. The cover of the magazine, on newsstands tomorrow, Wednesday 26 July, is a stronger indication: “Our love is made in three”, the headline on the photo of Federica, who walks hand in hand with her husband Matteo Giunta in a box. There is no official confirmation from those directly involved, as well as no denial.

The 35-year-old former swimmer is vacationing with Mateo in Palmarola these days. “I am ready to become a mother,” the divine said after the retreat. Now, less than a year after her marriage to Mateo, her wish could come true.

A few days before Sabaudia Pellegrini had published a story about Instagram With a note left for her husband: “good morning my love. I will return soon “Next to it is a cup of coffee and a heart emoji. Suspicious plural, Briefly. Pellegrini, who has repeatedly denied rumors of her alleged pregnancy in the past, has not commented this time around. Is this also a guide?

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