Conte gives Guardiola another disappointment: “Julia Roberts also came to watch Chelsea”

The current Tottenham boss spoke about the strange anecdote related to Pep Guardiola and Julia Roberts: “I will still lose because he preferred United to City,” said the Catalan.

Pep Guardiola has just passed a turn Champions And he will play Quarter-finals with Bayern Munich. Merit of the seven goals he scored in LeipzigIt is a match that would have pleased any coach, except for the Catalans: «I can win this trophy up to three times in a row, but I will still fail. I have three idols in life, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Julia Roberts. The latter came to Manchester once, but he preferred United over us.” Guardiola joked in the post-match press conference. In 2016, the actress took her children, fans of the Red Devils, to Old Trafford, despite the historical period when City won titles after titles. As the Hollywood star descended at the end of the game on the “Theater of Dreams” lawn, Taking pictures and stepping on the grass with bare feet. A sight Guardiola will never forget.

Conte: “Julia Roberts? I came to see Chelsea.”

And since these stories are especially popular in England, they were also publicized Antonio Conte – From today with his spurs will face Southampton – a question was asked about her. Well, the answer certainly wouldn’t make Guardiola happy: “I remember her very fondly, because one day she came to see Chelsea. After the match I also got to know her in the locker room. If someone as important as Julia Roberts loves football, that is an important fact for our sport.” Conte led the Blues from 2016 to 2018, winning the Premier League at his first attempt ahead of Tottenham and Guardiola. Who knows if the day will come for Pep sooner or later when he is able to meet one of the great idols.

March 18, 2023 (changed on March 18, 2023 | 12:38)

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