Davis lifts Lakers, Warriors overwhelmed. Miami Accelerates With Butler, Knicks Co

Los Angeles trails 2-1 in the series with a score of 127-97 in the third game. The Heat struggled on offense but beat New York

The Lakers rush into the second quarter and destroy the Warriors, but Miami, thanks to a great defense, dominates the Knicks.

Los Angeles Lakers (7) – Golden State Warriors (6) 127-97 (2-1 in series)

Complete dominance of the Lakers, who returned to the lead in the series with a confrontation in Game 3. The Golden State team goes through a night to forget on both sides of the court, and suffers 30-8 late in the second quarter to then drop out of the game in the third. Again, Davis’ influence makes the difference, one way or another. Coy in Game 2, devastating in Game 3 When he plays the big man from Los Angeles, beating LeBron and his teammates gets complicated. Russell also makes an important contribution, starting very well by scoring his first 11 Lakers points and eventually signing 21. James, on the other hand, with his son Bruni just announcing he’s playing against Usc next season, isn’t even trying to come up with a conclusion from The field is in the first quarter but it’s growing distance and also putting its signature on LA’s success. The Lakers win their trademark, often go to the line (37 free to Golden State’s 17) and defend brilliantly, yet, when they hit +11 in the second quarter, they began to play with alarming enough, facing series turnover and a struggling partial that decides the game. There’s also a controversial whistle, with Green, bound for fouls, who certainly doesn’t shy away from referring to the trio, but the Warriors can only complain about their truly disappointing performance. After scoring nearly 84 points in the second and third quarters of game two, he hit 38 on Saturday (18 in the second quarter, 20 in the third). Curry closes with 21 points, Thompson with 15 (shooting 5/14) without leaving a mark. Game four will take place on Monday in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Lakers:Davis 25 (7/10, 11/12 tl), James, Russell 21. Rebounds: Davis 13. Assists: James 8.

Golden State: Curry 23 (5/11, 4/10, 1/3 tl), Wiggins 16, Thompson 15. Rebounds: Wiggins 9. Assists: Paul 6.

Miami Heat (8) – New York Knicks (5) 105-86 (2-1)

Bad news for Nix. Miami easily wins a game where they shoot 39% from the field and 22% from three and do so of course thanks to stellar defense and flashes of offense by the returning Butler. The hosts stay ahead throughout the match and make life very difficult for Bronson and his teammates with their defensive discipline. As expected Butler, having missed the second game due to a sprained right ankle injured in the final game of the first game of the series, appears regularly on the court and in the end, even if he does not shoot well, makes the difference to more than 28 points. New York immediately breaks down and doesn’t give the impression that it can really hurt the vigilant Heat defense. Randle ran in the evening to forget the offense (4/15 of the shot) Bronson performs better but can’t find rhythm from distance, so the Knicks can’t find answers to the excellent Letler and Strus (19 points). The hosts reach +11 with Robinson’s hat-trick early in the second quarter to keep them at a safe distance throughout the match. The Heat dominated the game far and wide, which should make Coach Thibodeau reflect. Game 4, scheduled for Monday in Florida, has become a staple for the New York team.

You used to love me: Butler 28 (9/19, 0/2, 10/11 TL), Strouss 19, Adebayo 17. Follows: Adebayo 12. Assists: Lowry, Vincent, Love 4.

New York: Bronson 20 (7/15, 0/5, 6/6 tl), Hart 15, Barrett 14. Rebounds: Randle 14. Assists: Bronson 8.

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