Fate: «It’s time for us to move forward together. mergers? We’re allies, but we’re distinct from the FdI.”

to Paula DeCaro

Blue Coordinator: We have to start from the obvious roles

When there are difficulties, it’s time to close ranks. We must commit ourselves to continue making history, as Berlusconi has done for 30 years.” Alessandro Sorte is among the few Azzurri who have managed to make Villa San Martino to the end. Lombard coordinator shop Licia Ronzulli, friend of Marta Fascina – Who is “Humanly nearer today than ever before, I know how much he suffers” – Destiny rules out a group of loyal followers for a comrade commander and instead invites all to unity: “I recognize myself in words By coordinator Tijani: The president would have asked us to move forward together, and to keep our values ​​high. We must prove that we have a serious and balanced ruling class that knows how to lead the moderate region.”

How do you operate without Berlusconi?

«This is a moment of pain, not a moment of strategies: a man out of the ordinary really leaves us. To us he was the legend, the man of impossible challenges, who knew how to subvert the most obvious results. You can’t think of the last word with him.”

And now?
“I think that We have to start over from his creation, from how they are conceived, with clear roles of responsibility. Our coordinator is Tajani, he is everyone’s reference and we identify ourselves in him, as is the case with great gratitude in the Berlusconi family ».

But will something change in the driveline? I was about to hold a summit of new appointments, after the ones made official yesterday.
«It is true that since before the elections with the president We’ve been working on revamping and relaunching the party, It made him happy, despite the illness he devoted a lot of time to the AI. Till the end”.

What will you do with this work?
“This work is available to some national managers: we will evaluate whether to consolidate it or continue it. What matters is that everyone works together.”

Will we try to win back those who have fallen into disgrace?

But Berlusconi never thought of excluding anyone. And the rumors about possible organizational schemes were fantasies: for example, I never imagined playing the role of district coordinator, I already have a lot of work to do ».

Many believe that you are facing two dangers: either the diaspora, or perhaps towards Lega, FdI, Renzi, or a forced merger with FdI. Are you afraid of them?

We are a government party, represented at the highest levels, we are strong if we unite. When merging, I believe that the international financial institution has its own accurate history and identity, and it is related to the employment practices policy. We are allied with the conservatives but distinct from them, just as we are different from those on the left of us. We are a very liberal, Atlantean and pro-European party: and must remain so.

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June 13, 2023 (changed on June 13, 2023 | 22:28)

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