From autonomy to a Palestinian Authority decree, this is where the majority and the opposition come face to face

From the differentiated autonomy bill to the PA decree, these are the two areas in which the parliamentary tug-of-war between the government and the opposition takes place. In the background, green light to Covid Investigation CommitteeThe third pole, yes, prompted former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and then Minister of Health Roberto Speranza to intervene harshly in the room in the room against this solution.

Rain modifications to differentiated autonomy

Starts fromdifferentiated independence. 557 amendments were introduced to the bill. The Office of the Senate Constitutional Affairs Committee has completed the collection of documents sent by individual parliamentary groups. According to what emerged from the network, there are 32 proposals for amendment put forward by majority forces: 23 by the Brotherhood of Italy, 7 by Forza Italia, 2 by Lega and 2 by Us Moderates . The record, however, belongs to Dissenters: 5-Star Motion has submitted 204 mods. The Democratic Party follows 189. The Mixed group submitted instead 99, Action-Italia Viva group 22 and Per le Autonomie group 9. Later the rapporteur and the government will be able to propose further amendments.

Calderoli’s openness is about mastering the text

“The text could certainly be improved,” explained the Minister of Regional Affairs, Roberto Calderoli. For the time being, the League chose not to raise its tone. Calderoli stressed “readiness for dialogue” and called on us to continue “in this direction with seriousness and commitment.”

But in the transatlantic region, someone noticed that the tug-of-war between the majority was just beginning. However, the metaphor of muscular defiance does not convince the senators of the Brotherhood of Italy much. Parliamentary sources from the party most represented in the parliament prefer talking about a “calculated path”. brake? Someone commented: “No, we even used the lowest speed.”

Palestinian Authority Decree 2

But the autonomy bill is not the only battleground between the majority and the opposition. This morning (Tuesday, July 4, ed.) the majority rapporteurs “in Pa 2 Ordinance” did not have the institutional sensibility to appear before the Commission to explain the merits of the ruling. Ordinance of 45 articles dealing with all sectors, without a center of gravity on Pnrr and which lays but a few patches on the precarious emergency of public administration, as it emerges from all the hearings of social forces which we had this morning. Behavior that is not negligence but irresponsibility. And so in the memorandum of Arturo Scotto and Simona Bonafè, Pd Group Leader on the Chamber’s Committee on Labor and Constitutional Affairs. Thus, the assembled committees had to go directly to the sessions, skipping the initial report on action being taken.

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