From Ibn Di Luca to Coperlo, this is how the “spoils system” appeared on Schlein’s agenda

to Cesar Zabri

Former Democratic President: Consensus expands with differences

Gianni Cuperello replaced Nicola Zingaretti at the helm of the Democratic Party Foundation from evening to morning. But I haven’t said a word about this choice, nor do I intend to say a word. True to his sober style and not inclined to personal battles, Vice Trieste may disappoint the Energia Popular audience who do not like the spoils system of the PD secretary, but he indirectly sends a very clear message to Elie Schlein: pluralism is never a burden but the path that expands consensus and unity arises from differences.

What happened to Koprolo comes after the transformation At the head of the parliamentary group of the Chamber, where I preferred Deborah Siracciani to Piero De Luca. The son of the governor of Campania Vincenzo, who in turn was targeted by the leader who appointed the faithful Antonio Messiani as provincial commissioner in an effort to avoid a third term, uses harsh tones from the platform in Cesena. He does not mention names and titles, but the goals are clear: the attitudes of hatred and malice towards the party’s ruling class must end (just yesterday Pd’s communications director Sandro Ruotolo spoke about the civil war with De Lucas). Hence the call to defense for our principals, perhaps starting with Fr.

Still, Cuperlow cautioned against sterile pathos who sees missions or roles fade away (some recall that Schlein among his first choices also decided to change the party’s foreign affairs director Lea Quartapelle, a Bonacini supporter and critic of positions on minimum wages and immigration). I have often heard that the new secretary should be helped – was the deputy’s remark. For me parenthood. If the task falls to you today because we could not do it in the past years. Ergo, before attacking him it would be best to do a minimum of self-criticism. And remember, the secretary has the power to control disagreements, but not because she won the primaries. She can and should do this because she is everyone’s secretary.

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Jul 22, 2023 (changed on Jul 22, 2023 | 21:46)

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