Gerard Depardieu, new allegations of sexual harassment by 13 women. The actor denies

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An investigation cites groping testimonies and inappropriate comments on the set of movies and TV series

New sexual harassment allegations against Gard Depardieu: accused the 74-year-old French actor 13 women who claim to have been harassed or received comments of a sexual nature between 2004 and 2022. This was revealed by an investigation by the French website Mediapart which also explains how the abuse would have occurred on film sets or TV productions and in public places. Legal representative of Depardieu, who Already under investigation for rape and sexual assaultbut always declared his innocence, made it clear that the actor officially denies any criminal charges.

The Mediapart investigation cites the testimonies of 13 women on the set of 11 films or TV series, as well as the testimonies of some witnesses. None of them, the site says, wanted to be officially reported: some gave up, others didn’t think about it. a reason? feeling that Their testimonials will weigh little In front of this monument to French cinema. It could also mark the end of their career.

Among the certificates is a certificateActress Sarah Brookswith Depardieu on the set of Marseille, the first French series on Netflix, in 2015. The 20-year-old actress said that when it came time to pose for a photo shoot with the entire production, Depardieu le He reached for the pants, which causes a huge strange gasp. She adds that she first raised the actor’s hand, but he insisted, put it back into the young woman’s underwear and tried to feel her butt. I took it off a second time and said out loud: There is a Gg (Depardieu) who puts his hands in my pants. At that moment he would answer: so what? I thought you wanted to do that In the world of cinema?

Everyone laughed – continues the actress, in her testimony to journalist Marin Turci, – I felt terrible: it was very insulting. Similar testimonies were received from other actresses or extras, all of whom agree that each time different actors, directors, or productions were presented. Little listen to the victims, as if Depardieu was untouchable. Except for the exit Fabian Ontinentewho confirms that he called the rep to ask after some groping on the set of Turf.

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