Inter, the masterpiece is not finished: there is the Champions League to be lifted. Milan, Faults and Limits

The Nerazzurri take advantage of a squad that no one else has in Italy. The Rossoneri pushes structural boundaries and mistakes in the summer market

The derby says Inter, but it’s not over yet: There is a trophy to be lifted, on June 10 in Istanbul. There has been a lot to go back. A few flashes from Milan were not enough against a much stronger side, who have beaten them four times out of four this year. Considering it was a semi-finalist, it was one-sided. It can be said that it was decided in the first minutes of the first game a week ago. There was little competition, less than expected.

In half a century, after the double victory under Helenio Herrera and the defeat against Celtic, Inter reached the most important European Cup final only three times: against Ajax Cruyff in 72, then in the sacred year of the Nerazzurri with the treble, 2010, against Bayern and now against one between City and Real. . This is setting the best achievement in the history of the club. Inzaghi was very good at building and building an opportunity in the toughest competition specifically. We criticized him in the league, because the team that goes to play with Europe against Haaland or Benzema cannot lose 11 matches, but today he deserves great recognition for enduring the pressure of a demanding environment, for having performed well, and for having managed the decisive matches without mistakes, thus becoming a complete, competitive and determined team. in the best condition. The path to becoming a great trainer involves daily struggles, including criticism: No one ever wins with cuddling. If he can do it now in the Champions League, it is because he has a group that has no rival in Italy. Between free agents, recovered seniors and loan players, he well exemplifies Italy’s ability to adapt to a market dominated by the follies of giant clubs while still having a mission to compete in the league and get ahead in Europe. Just like history, he wants fans’ faith and revenue debt. Zhang, who according to some uninformed professionals must have sold some time ago, has the Scudetto, the Europa League Final and the Champions League Final.

Miracles have worked out in Milan. Omission is the bill that pays for summer’s mistakes. The scudetto won with a suicidal participation for Inter was misunderstood: instead of carrying out a transfer campaign based on some technical certainties to compensate for the team’s shortcomings, Milan opted for a creative market, with many bets. We can say now almost all of them lost. But this belongs to the past. The future began with a correct operation: Liao renewal. A complex contract, which seemed impossible, was instead terminated due to the commitment of Forlani, managing director of Milan DNA. After Leao, however, Milan should have the smarts to renew without going crazy, that’s clear, but even without being shy. Fifth place in the championship, the stellar distance from Napoli, the age of some key players, the small size of the team, advise managers of courage and determination. I think Pioli did his best in this disappointing season with a poorly built team. The results were far less than expected, but it would be wrong to blame them. It certainly won’t be the Gazzetta that supports the change on the bench.

Milan is the most European, modern and innovative Italian city. The most developed and with the largest margins for development. Today Inter and Milan must keep up with these ambitions as well as with history: the two teams total 38 Scudettos and 10 Champions Leagues. at present.

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