Justice, in Palermo Meloni completes its detour

On the day the Prime Minister finishes turning to justice, the Head of State signs the Justice Bill, which is referred to both houses. No one escaped the delay with which the signature arrived. In the basic code this is a subtle allusion: it confirms that Sergio Mattarella anticipates those changes to the text on abuse of office that he put forward very clearly a few days ago and which the Prime Minister pledged to make. And precisely because he had received the necessary assurances, the head of state avoided adding a single word.

in the letter Memorializing the massacre in Via Diamelio, however, Mattarella manages to insert a subtle reference to any remaining temptations to lay his hands on external competition in the Mafia association: “The example of Falcone and Borsellino invites us to fight the gray areas with complicity with the same firmness with which he opposes illegality.” Papism and finality. In the bill’s other chapters, Objections and Influence Trafficking, Cooley hopes to make changes.

In any case, the course of law, according to Quirinale’s predictions, would be very long, if not exactly a year, a little less. In this period of time, when perhaps Europe will not be satisfied with the amendments, anything can happen: even an accident that cost Carlo Nordio the Ministry of Justice. In the depths of the FdI there is no shortage of those who would like it.

Minister Nordio, justice reform, the commitments made with the no longer existing leader of Forza Italia to Giorgia Meloni are now weighty. The anniversary of the Via d’Amelio massacre was an opportunity to start unloading this heavy weight. The Prime Minister opened the day with the now usual address to Corriere della Sera, a short message used to reaffirm absolute fidelity to the teachings of Paolo Borsellino: «His courage and integrity are gifts that many young people have decided to affirm two fundamental values. Legitimacy and justice.

From Palermo, after laying the crown in honor of the judge and attendant who was killed 31 years ago, before presiding over the Commission for Order and Security, Meloni returns to the separation of external competition and is not limited to ensuring that it is untouchable. He also clarifies on what account, on what small account the words of the Minister of Justice should be taken: “He only answered a question but also said that interference in external competition is not in the program and in fact does not exist.” Nothing serious, but certainly Nordew “maybe should be more political”, he should understand that “the things you want to do are done, and after all you can avoid talking”. Mute would be better.

To Salvatore Borsellino The full-back is not enough: “Nordio must admit that he is not fit and say he is abandoning this project.” no sooner said than done. At the time of the question in the room, the Minister maintains that no one has ever wanted to touch outside competition and he, who dispensed accusation in his Venetian investigations in the 1980s, least of all. His “considerations”, if any, are aimed at making the tool “more efficient”. Ch. Buried.

And so the “talkative keeper of the seals” has been put in place once and for all. The prime minister uses harsh tones to say the least, even as he comments on Marina Berlusconi’s letter, that blunt urge to push forward like a bulldozer on justice reform. Meloni summed it up: “With all due respect, I cannot take you as one of the subjects of the coalition: it is not a political subject.” Maybe angry words. Without being a political subject, Marina Berlusconi weighs more than anyone else in Forza Italia, which is instead an essential political subject for the life of the government. From the tones used in that letter, Silvio Berlusconi’s daughter seems determined to remind the prime minister of the commitments she and her father made on the justice front.

on controversy Which continues to blossom over the decision not to participate in the evening vigil for the flame Melonie tries to cut it off. But imagine if she gave up the appointment for fear of disagreements and not as expected for previous commitments: “So who challenges me? Only the mafia can dispute me.” And in any case, “there are days when sterile and inventive controversies that only benefit those we are fighting should not be stirred up.” At the end of the festivities, the government’s vengeance on justice is complete. Come to Italy and marry the eldest daughter of the knight.

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