Life of Charles 2, Season 2 on Paramount+ in September: Ibrahimovic will be there, too

The series features its actors, among others, Cristian De Sica and Gabriele Muccino

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Paramount+ announced today that it will exclusively stream the second season of… life with charlesthe successful biographical series starring Charles Verdon It is produced by Luigi and Aurelio De Laurentiis.

Life of Carlo 2 arrives in September

The launch date has been officially announced Giffoni Film Festival 2023during a special dedicated panel in which Carlo Verdone participated with the protagonists of the series, Saint John And Ludovica MartinoHe met the children present at the festival. The series is written by Pasquale Plastino, Ciro Zecca, Luca Mastrogiovanni and Carlo Verdoni who directed it in alternation with Valerio Festoso.

Life of Charles 2: Cast and guest stars

Serial, plus series Charles Verdonboasts in its team some of the most powerful names in Italian entertainment and beyond:

  • Max Tortora
  • Monica Gerritor
  • Stephanie Roca
  • Saint John
  • Claudia Gerini
  • Christian De Sica
  • Gabriel Mocchino
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
  • Maria Devilipi
  • Maria Beato
  • Ludovica Martino
  • Fabio Traversa
  • Catherine DeAngelis
  • Antonio Bano
  • Philip Country
  • Stephen Ambrogie
  • Claudia Bauer
  • Jade Benedetti
  • Sergio Forconi
  • Theresa Castle
  • Conrad Solari
  • Olga Rossi
  • Nina Pons
  • Sophia Pestaci
  • Meta Doctors

the music to life with charles Written by Fabio Amore, Edizioni Musicali Filmauro. boss Photography is Roberto Forza, the scenography is by Giuliano Bagnotti, the costumes are by Tatiana Romanoff, montage Edited by Pietro Morana, general arranger for the production is Carlo Pasini.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic was also present

Last December, right from the set of Vita da Carlo 2, Carlo Verdone spoiled his presence Zlatan Ibrahimovic In the second season of the series. “Today is a working day like any other for us,” the actor wrote, posting a photo with Zlatan on Instagram. “But it’s a little special because Zlatan Ibrahimovic came down from Milan to read his photo.” “A delightful person of humility, generosity and professionalism. Today we met for the first time and I can say I have a new friend who I hope to see again soon. Thanks again Zlatan To accept my invitation enthusiastically. It’s not for everyone… I will always be grateful to you.”

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