Meloni: «I stand tall, convinced that the Mafia can be defeated. Manfredi Borsellino gave me his father’s portrait »

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Premiere in Palermo to celebrate the 31st anniversary of the Via d’Amelio massacre: «Nordio and the external competition? The minister should be more political.”

“We are convinced that the battle against the mafia can be won. I always walk with my head held high, I never run away ». And then: “Manfredi Borsellino gave me his father’s portrait.” These are the first words of Giorgia Meloni, in Palermo, on the anniversary of the Via d’Amelio massacre, in which on July 19, 1992 the Mafiosi killed Judge Paolo Borsellino and five of his accompanying agents.

The Prefecture’s Order and Security Committee, chaired by the Prime Minister, convened with Interior Minister Matteo Bentedosi and the heads of the police forces.

“The things you want to do have been done and after all you can avoid talking. Nordio answered a question about external competition, but he himself said that it is not foreseen in the government’s program and in fact it does not exist. Maybe it should be more political, ”Melloni confirms. For Meloni, this is a case of “personal response”, which becomes “truth when the truth is not, because the facts are that we rescued the Mana prison, that 1,300 mafiosi were arrested, that we defended anti-mafia legislation. These are opinions that become facts and opinions.” They become facts when you want to stir up a specious argument.”

And then: “Whoever raises these differences does not help the institutions. I was amazed at what I read in the papers: an invented argument about the fact that I would have chosen not to participate in the demonstration for fear of being stabbed. Who can challenge me? Mafia? The mafia can challenge the government that has done everything it takes to fight organized crime. But I’ve never run away in my life. I am a person who always allows himself to walk with his head held high. I am here today and I will always be here to fight the mafia.”

Then the Prime Minister recalls why she began her commitment as a young girl: «I began to enter politics when they killed Paolo Borsellino, a few weeks after the murder of Falcone. symbolism that prompted me to enter politics.

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