Meloni is the big defeat. But the allies do not grieve with her

Giorgia Meloni’s silence, amplified by the silence of his entire party, illustrates the situation better than any comment. He telephoned Vox president Santiago Abascal but Palazzo Chigi keeps the contents of the conversation secret. “They have lost Meloni’s allies,” Giuseppe Conte gloats and misses the point. It was she who, the Italian Prime Minister and leader of the European Conservative Party, lost at least as much as her leader, Abascal, lost in the elections. Not only and not so much because Meloni has spent a lot on the Spanish election campaign. Mainly for deeper, less fantastic reasons.

Spain had to To be a preview of the new European balance, of the alliance between the two peoples and the extreme right. It is not one of the many projects the Italian prime minister is working on: it is the central one and the linchpin of her overall strategy. He was not defeated yet, but he was hit hard and unexpectedly. For Popolari, the prospect of ruling Vox right must have been a trigger: It has proven itself to be a leader in the wings, and if opening night is a disaster, the omens for the future cannot be so rosy. At Palazzo Chigi, the long faces touch the ground. Such a permutation of public perception in Europe is in the order of things, let alone a seasoned and sharp politician like Meloni.

After ItalyThe arrival of the Radical Right into government in another large Western European country, even if there is a non-dominant situation as in Italy, was supposed to prove that the Italian situation is not an anomaly, that resistance against the arrival of parties descended from neo-Fascists or neo-French has been overthrown and that customs clearance is a fait accompli. The voting test gave a completely opposite response.

What makes FdI tears even more bitter is the fact that allies, for various reasons, do not participate in mourning at all. Matteo Salvini can’t say that but he’s happy. The losing bet in Spain is the bet of the right that focuses on loyalty to NATO and Europe rather than the opposition, the bet that turns up its nose in the unpresentable confrontation of the European Community Identity and Democracy, Marine Le Pen’s Alliance for Development, the League itself. Not only did the game fail, but it was the People’s Party moderates who emptied Vox’s electoral coffers. MEPs from the Northern League, Zani, President of Identità, and Campominosi, Spokesman for Carroccio, rejoice at the centrality of the Autonomous Parties in the Spanish parliamentary framework and do not hide their satisfaction with the beating inflicted on the brothers-knives: “He who vetoes does not work for a common house for the entire center-right. Looking ahead until 2024, for the European Parliament we do not need a veto, but a strong and united center-right capable of banishing the left”.

To Antonio TajaniVice-President of the European People’s Party and leader of the Italian party headed by the European People’s Party, he cannot be asked to hide the satisfaction, which literally explodes: “Congratulations to Figo and the Popular Party which is again the first party in Spain, where it represents the center of politics and is good news for all of Europe.” Good for the continent, very good for Forza Italia which necessarily receives a huge boost from EPP centralization. It remains to be seen how far he will be able to exploit it. Who knows exactly how to exploit the circumstance is Matteo Renzi: « Meloni, do you hear this Fox? You don’t win elections against Europe. The next European Championship will hit the middle.” The recipient of the message, not the Prime Minister, is Forza Italia. Spain makes it clear that there is room for that middle pole to be built with the Fi that the fourth leader aims for, so why not take a chance?

If this Allies, not to mention the opposition. Eli Schlein’s appeasement is fully justified: “The black wave can be stopped when the goal is not to inflame fears but to solve concrete problems. Adelante”. Excessive rhetoric, as often happens, but this time with a solid foundation: for Meloni, the Spanish elections were the first real and harsh defeat since he took over the government.

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