Meloni Line around the Mediterranean: Dialogue between equals and the fight against human traffickers

to Maurice Caprara

Immigrants appeal to the international summit. Affinity with von der Leyen

Too big a problem, the problem of the movement of immigrants and refugees, and a very short time, the problem of the debate that went on in the afternoon. These two aspects of the International Conference on Development and Migration tend to discourage spot judgments. Giorgia Meloni considers it a successbut there is still a long way to go until the unanimous evaluation is shared.

He is preceded at the microphone by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, and surrounded by V Room from the other Deputy Prime Minister, Matteo Salvini Yesterday in Farnesina the Prime Minister continued to give a model more oriented to the needs of her government for the statements on the phenomenon of migration and refugees that she made when she was leading the opposition. He acknowledged that Italy and Europe needed immigration, unlike when he called for a naval blockade to stop smugglers with migrants and refugees on abandoned ships. At the same time, the Prime Minister stressed in her new version: That is why we cannot continue to give a signal that those who enter illegally will be rewarded at the expense of those who wish to do so legally.

It cannot be defined as a turning point, nor can it be regarded as an unchanging position. Meloni alleged that we planned to issue a three-year “flux decree” for the first time, to increase the shares of legal entries compared to the past. He was referring to the Prime Minister’s decree of July 7 which, in the face of an estimated labor force demand of 833,000 units, allows a total of 425,000 foreigners to enter Italy between the current year and 2025. It is conceivable that the measure, while realistic in itself, is accompanied by words that, in addition to being the result of deeply rooted convictions, should serve to reassure other center-right voters.

In terms of combating illegal immigration, I think the priority should be The Prime Minister told representatives of about twenty countries including those on the southern shores of the Mediterranean, Africa and the Middle East including five Heads of State (Tunisia, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Mauritania and Cyprus) and eight Heads of Government, that strengthening cooperation between our police forces. The sentences then aimed to reduce mistrust towards an Italian heir who was certainly not well liked by everyone in Africa in the twentieth century. What we opened above all is a dialogue between equals, which Giorgia Meloni wanted to guarantee. In assuming a new international aid fund for the future, phrases that certainly cannot bother national governments and rulers of the system: the big news we will have is that the countries that receive the money should be the ones who decide how to spend it. Not an “I tell you how to solve your problems” approach.

The undisclosed exchange that seems suggested in all of this would consist of Funding from the north versus departure blocks in the south. There is a lot of material missing to build the way the prime minister called the Rome process to pursue the goals of the conference, an expression made in the closing statement. Participants are committed to working together with a common and differentiated approach.

The Titanic project, if one considers that Tunisia is experiencing great economic difficulties Headed by Kass Said, it may be tempted to lean on the BRICS countries – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa – that Egypt is in deep crisis with inflation reaching 33% in May, and that the balance in the region is being redefined. The presence of France, Germany and other Europeans was not expected at the conference. There was a convergence between Meloni and the President of the European Commission for two goals. Ursula von der Leyen mentioned that the recent agreement with Tunisia is a role model and added: The first possible area of ​​cooperation is investment in clean energy.

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