Meloni listens to Abascal, the “friend” of the defeated Vox leader. The pause weighs on European ambitions

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A blow to the EPP conservative axis hypothesis. Schlein and the Opposition: Stop the Black Wave

Georgia, listen to this vox?”, he wrote Matthew Renzi In his analysis of the Spanish vote. Literally, the answer is yes. after midnight yesterday, Georgia Meloni Pick up the phone and call the friend Santiago AbascalAnd The Spanish far-right leader who came out less than a cardinal in the election round should have been consecrated by the pope. The bathroom was freezing cold right-wing aspirations To put the seal on a government led by a popular exponent already raised in Spain. If it’s supposed to be a test of the scheme’s re-proposal in Brussels, well, the test is Failed miserably.

They don’t talk about this Watermelon and abascal. In the Phone callwhich lasts only a few minutes also because the Vox leader is stunned by the flip in the face between the first polls and the final result, the Italian Prime Minister Reassure your friend on the FdI’s support of the Vox leader’s cause, rather than Vox itself. No talk of future balances, therefore; If anything, the testimony of the FdI leader’s human and political closeness to a friend Now he risks his job Having played practically the same game, around the same times (Abascal left the People’s Party to found Vox in 2014, Meloni performed the same operation two years earlier) but backfired.

the The day after the Spanish vote, in Italy, reunites the very broad field in half a second for those who, having taken away their membership in opposition, cannot remain together. For about a day they all say more or less the same thing. from Eli Shlain (“The black wave can stop”) A.I Matthew Renzi (“We don’t know who won but we know who lost: Vox. You don’t win elections against Europe”), from Charles Calenda (“I am glad that Vox has been defeated”) to Giuseppe Conte (“Vox’s hoax exposed”), from Nicola Fratoianni (“Stop the Black Wave of Melonie’s Friends”) Pierre Ferdinando Cassini (“The Shijie Palace and the government should clearly examine the results.”) Forza Italia rejoices at the government, with the Azzurri claiming the success of their Spanish cousins ​​with whom they share the half-bike district of Brussels. «Personal protective equipment who is also the center of politics in Spain – he writes Anthony Tajani – It’s good news for Europe.

They stay Melon and salvini, who challenged each other about the immediate post-European Championship strategy. The second is by demanding some kind of early signing of the agreement for an expanded alliance as well Marine Le Pen, sort of a right-of-centre tandem driven by the former; The first is by insisting on designing an alliance that starts fromAgreement between the European People’s Party and the Conservativeswe are well aware of the impossibility of the Popolari (starting with Forza Italia) shaking hands with Le Pen and Allemannafd.

In the prime minister’s inner circle, the future repercussions of the Spanish vote are being denied. This is what one of Meloni’s most listening colleagues told his colleagues in the party “The situation is different from the Italian caseWhy Shaabi and Vox argued during the campaign to arrive united after the government, and the little game fails; While the Italian center-right will face the European round of elections, while being careful not to react violently to an already existing government. Salviniwhich at this point He sees the hypothesis of the right of the shipwrecked—Imagine Center in June. Even if there were those among the Northern League who hoped the right would emerge stronger from this stalemate in Spain. The Eurosceptic said it, also not between the lines Claudio Borghi Attacking Feijóo’s very centrist profile: «Keep the note from a European point of view. Being picky doesn’t get you anywhere.”

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