MotoGP and Ezpeleta confirmation arrives: “Dorna evaluates assistance for Honda and Yamaha”

Our role manager has admitted that the World Series organizer is considering changing the franchise system. The goal will be to help Japanese brands that have been in a major crisis in recent months

Federico Mariani

– Milan

In 2023, MotoGP is seeing new credits. Ducati is the reference, with KTM and Aprilia as the main chasers. Honda and Yamaha, the undisputed rulers of the past three decades, are going through an exciting moment of technical difficulties, most notably those of superstars Marc Marquez and Fabio Quartararo. But Carlos Ezpeleta, MotoGP’s Chief Sport Officer, suggests how this situation could change. according to what was revealed to him Total costRadio Catalunya program, in fact, our role would like to revise the franchise system in favor of teams in crisis, News we have already covered in the last few days on


In fact, Izpeleta explained how it is in the championship’s interest not to lose out on the Japanese manufacturers who remain in the world championship after saying goodbye to Suzuki in 2022: “We are working to be able to not only help Honda, but also Yamaha so that they can become competitive again as quickly as possible.” Possible.” Carlos continues: “Both teams have been very concerned with regulations and concessions in the past and this has been key in allowing Ducati to succeed. The same was true of Suzuki, but also of Aprilia and Ktm when they entered the first category, and they got faster over the years.” So, from his point of view, a kind of mutual aid between the builders.


But will European brands agree to this project? In fact, Ducati, Aprilia and Kutum have already expressed their disappointment, claiming that their growth has been achieved thanks to hard work and not just thanks to perks. Izpelita answers in a linear way: “Other producers will understand it too. We can’t say where they stand, but Dorna definitely wants to update the franchise system. At the moment there will be no changes until 2025.” “We will see how the negotiations go in the coming months, we all have to agree,” concludes Izpeleta.


The debate then turns attention to Marc Marquez and Pedro Acosta, champions of recent years and hope of tomorrow for Spanish MotoGP. Ispeleta analyzes the Honda rider’s momentum: “There is anxiety, the same anxiety that any other rider in a similar situation might have. But for those who observe things from the outside, it is clear that Marquez’s level has not decreased, on the contrary, he is the same Always. But I don’t know what his future will be.” The future of Acosta, who is involved in Moto2, also takes the table: “We would like to see him in MotoGP, but we have no intention of increasing the number of registered riders. I think 20 is the perfect number.” Therefore, if Ktm wants Pedro to make his first class debut, they will have to change their crew.

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