Out-of-control fires between Palermo, Catania, Reggio Calabria and Lecce: 4 confirmed victims

There are at least 55 active fires in Sicily alone, but the state of emergency is also affecting Calabria and Puglia.

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The scorching heat that does not give rest to southern Italy, while northern regions of the country Dealing with unprecedented waves of bad weather, it raises and feeds dozens and dozens of Fires between Sicily, Calabria and Puglia which has already caused four victims.

High alert for fires in Palermo

The most alarming situation Palermowith the hills that now surround the city burning for hours, between the promontory of Capo Gallo that overlooks the village of Mondello and the hill of Pezzo Sella, but also on the hill that overlooks the Cervelo Hospital in Palermo, but some Fires also in the area of ​​Santa Maria de Jesú.

3 confirmed victims in Palermo

Temporary balance in the Palermo area alone is 3 people died in the fires. An 88-year-old woman died at her home in San Martino delle Scale after firefighters were alerted to the woman’s illness. They fail to arrive in time His house because of the fire that swept the area. the others Two victims, who has not yet been identified, was found this afternoon in a small house in Cinisi, a short distance from Palermo airport. The little house, already in precarious conditions, was engulfed in flames and brows, At 77 and 75 years old According to the local press, they died charred.

Fire alarm throughout Sicily

Firefighters have been working for hours now, but it doesn’t look like the emergency is set to end anytime soon, thanks to the sweltering heat and the lack of rain for so long now. In the Palermo region alone they are counted 1,500 people have been displaced and at least 20 homes have been damaged From the flames, but power outages are very frequent and the 118 lines are clogged due to too many calls and reports. Sicily reported in the evening that it still counted for the time being 55 active firesNot only in Palermo.

Speech of the governor of Sicily

conservative Renato Schiffani The state of high fire alert also confirmed for the next few hours in almost all of Sicily: “The fire risk will be high in the regions of Palermo, Trapani, Enna, Messina, Catania and Syracuse and medium for the provinces of Agrigento, Caltanissetta and Ragusa”. Evacuations are also underway in Messina in these hours, as the fire is advancing on the hills around the city, but also in Taormina where the fires threaten the Feo Coniglio.

Fires also in Puglia

Fires also affect Puglia. to Vesti Two thousand tourists have already been evacuated from three hotels threatened by fires, while in San Cataldo, on the outskirts of Lecce, two massive fires broke out around lunchtime. They devoured more than 10 hectares of Mediterranean scrub It prompted about a hundred bathers to flee the area, while the authorities asked residents of neighboring areas to leave their homes and avoid heading towards the Adriatic resort.

Also a victim of fires in Calabria

The fourth confirmed victim so far was recorded in the province of Reggio Calabria, where The fires affected the mountainous region between Musova, Galina and Kardito. Here a 98-year-old man died, unable to move independently, in his country house, which caught fire. The man’s daughter and son-in-law were not seriously injured.

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