Patrick Zaki tomorrow in Italy. Meloni: “I wish him a life of serenity and success”

Prime Minister Meloni confirmed the return of the activist to our country immediately after the amnesty granted by Sisi

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Egyptian student and activist Patrick ZakiAnd Today, the Egyptian president pardoned him Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in the aftermath 3 years imprisonment issued by the Mansoura Court, she will be released within the next few hours, and indeed during the day tomorrow, Thursday, July 20, He will return to Italy Where he stayed while studying at the University of Bologna.

Lyrics by Giorgia Meloni on Patrick Zaki

The Prime Minister confirmed Patrick Zaki’s imminent return to Italy Georgia Meloni And in a video message shared on their social channels: “Tomorrow Patrick Zaki will return to Italy and I wish him a life of serenity and success from the bottom of my heart.” The prime minister took advantage of this occasion to thank the Italian and Egyptian intelligence and diplomats, “who have not stopped working in recent months to reach the desired solution.”

During the short video message, Giorgia Meloni reiterated that she is committed since taking office so that Patrick Zaki’s story ends in the best possible way and wants it. I also thank Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi: “Since our first meeting in November, I’ve popped the question and always found you to be a great listener and available.”

Zaki’s release is imminent

Samuel TharwatOne of Zaki’s defense lawyers told ANSA that the release of the 32-year-old, who was arrested upon his arrival in Cairo on February 7, 2020 and temporarily released on December 8, 2021, is imminent: go to the New Mansoura Police Station until his release, and if God willing, he will be home today.”

George ZakiThe father of the young Egyptian student, who only a few days ago was able to graduate from a distance in comparative modern literature at the University of Bologna, entrusted his comment to news agencies: “Praise and thanks, Lord, for all the gifts you have provided and for the presidential pardon decision.” To Patrick, my son, I also thank all colleagues, friends and relatives for their noble and sincere poetry with us during our crisis, and I wish everyone health and success.

Waiting for the details of Zaki’s pardon

The reasons that prompted Sisi to grant the presidential pardon have not yet been revealed, but the situation will surely become clearer in the coming days, he hopes. Richard Nourispokesperson Amnesty International Italy: “The news fills us with joy. We are waiting to hear the details, but we are confident that the moment we have been waiting for for so long will come soon: to welcome Patrick back to Bologna, to his university, and to dedicate him a grand graduation party that will be perfect for the whole city and the whole country.”

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