Roma, Ndika introduces himself: “I’m glad to come here.” Buff: “I’m sick of the dog? Thanks Mou”

Defender: “I knew the Italian league well, I exchanged a few words with Dybala, he’s a great player.” The midfielder is looking for revenge: “I’m going to start again with maximum energy, I want to play as many matches as possible”

Emmanuel Zotti

– Rome

If there’s one thing the Roma and Roma supporters immediately understood about Ivan Ndyka, it’s that the new defender who arrived at Trigoria last month has more than clear ideas. The former Eintracht confirmed this again today when he said in front of Dazn’s microphones – during his first interview as a Giallorossi player – explaining the reasons that prompted him to accept the offer from Friedkins: “Roma is a great team, last year they came close to winning in Europe and they have every chance to do well in the league and in the Europa League”. The flirtation of GM Tiago Pinto, which began about a year ago and which prompted the boy to study Serie A and his new team-mates in depth, convinced the Ivorian player: “I knew the Italian championship very well and the players who are part of the team, I often watched the matches. So when they called me it was a pleasure to accept Roma’s offer.”

star player

Even the presence of Dybala and – above all – José Mourinho on the bench had a positive effect on Ndicka’s choice to move to the capital: “Mourinho has given me the impression of being a good person, we’ve swapped on anything very little, and they’re getting on with everything else. He’s a great player.”


Since the withdrawal in Albufeira, Edoardo Bove has also returned to talk, still waiting for a contractual amendment that should arrive at the end of the transfer market. For now, however, the Trigoria-bred midfielder’s interest and thoughts are directed exclusively to the season that is about to begin: “I’ve come to an awareness of my means – his words to Dazn – I’ve had the opportunity to get more space for myself and that’s given me confidence. It started from the best. The trainer is considered one of the best technicians in the world. We have a lot of empathy and it’s a relationship that I think has matured over the years and I hope it continues that way. The phrase “sick dog” has become very popular. He makes me feel good and for that I thank him beyond the term I use. I know in my heart what he meant.”

European League disappointment

Among Bove’s great regrets is, of course, the defeat in the Europa League final against Sevilla, which the Giallorossi achieved thanks to his goal in the semi-final against Bayer Leverkusen: “Suffering is the right term because if you think of some moments, negative feelings come to mind. The warmth that the fans showed us made us feel part of something that goes beyond those consecutive negative feelings. We know the work that goes into it. We have to do it and we are capable of it. We will start with what we have done, in football we always need We need to assert ourselves and we will do everything we can to do so again this year.”

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