Tajani: “There is no exchange for pardoning Zaki: We will continue to question the truth about Regeni.”

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Foreign Minister: “Italy played a decisive role: those who thought the government was not up to par were a little disappointed”

There is no quid pro quo or negotiation under the table. The government managed to send them back to Italy
A young man risked spending time in prison.” This was stated by Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Antonio Tajani 24 am On Radio 24. “We are serious people, we don’t do things of this kind,” repeated Tajani, adding that on Regeni “we will continue to demand that the matter be shed light on, as we have always done, we have always put the two issues on the same level.” Tajani said further “The government got a very important result and those who thought it wouldn’t be able to get it are a bit disappointed.”

Italy and its diplomacy “played a” decisive role, ”Number One in Farnesina confirms,” along with our intelligence, as the Prime Minister also said, we moved from the beginning to try to obtain a pardon for Zaki. I have repeated to President Sisi over and over again the necessity of freeing this young researcher. I always remember being an optimist.” Finally. «It was a choral effort, and in the end the Egyptian president decided to pardon. It is good news for everyone, now this young researcher will be able to come to our country and work and have a good career ahead of him.”

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