The Emilian hub between Chimar and Iren gives life to the first 100% recycled and recyclable pallet

Marco Arletti had announced in April, on the occasion of the presentation of the first sustainability report of the Chimar Group, that in the summer there would be the first disruptive project, and he kept his word. A few days ago, Limidi di Soliera (Modena), specialized in industrial packaging for 23 years (from packaging to packaging with warehouse service until delivery to the conveyor) made its debut on the market with Giott0 (last letter is a zero), a wooden pallet Recycled from a separate batch, it is the first of a new batch of sustainable logistics that Chimar will launch in the next three years, the result of a partnership with multi-utility Reggio Iren.

the product

Giott0 an absolute novelty on the national scene: size 120×80 cm, dynamic capacity of 1500 kg and static capacity of 4000 kg, does not require phytosanitary treatment for export and is resistant to mold or fungus because it is made by cooking and pressing scraps made of recycled wood with steam, it is stackable and resistant deformation and perfectly replace classic pallets in automated warehouses at an equivalent cost. And they are 100% recyclable at the end of use, without even a fingernail to sort them out. Chimar will deal with exclusive marketing and sales but will be built by Iren, who has invested 58 million euros in the “Circular Wood” factory of 50,000 m2 of the Asm branch in Vercelli, «the first and only factory in Italy by type and technology: it recovers waste wood and saves Up to ten production lines to produce 100% circular pallets and pallet blocks, ”explains a note from the multi-utility Reggio. The plant – where 40 direct employees will work when fully operational, in addition to those related to related industries – is capable of processing 110,000 tons of wood waste per year and producing up to 750,000 pallets and 135,000 cubic meters of pallet blocks each year.


“We started working on Giott0 already in 2015 – says Arletti, who leads a team of 500 people, which ended 2022 with revenues of 75 million euros, up + 15% in 2021, and expects further growth for this year. + 5% – Because all companies need a tool that allows them to transport goods sustainably so that they can then do sustainability reports The average annual company consumption is 100,000 pallets, even if it only replaces 20% of the traditional pallets with Giott0, it will save 400 trees that absorb 10 tons of carbon dioxide and will reintroduce 420,000 kg of waste into circulation (the environment-pallet consists of 96% wood waste and 4% water-based adhesives, ed.) » Therefore, Shemar is preparing to diversify its business by facing the market no longer only As a partner in all upstream and downstream logistics in manufacturing areas but as green logistics solutions: «171 million pallets are used in Italy every year – concludes the CEO of Chimar – we started with the aim of selling 350 thousand Giott0 in the first year, focusing on companies in the field of Food, Pharmaceutical and Wide Distribution. We also have in our catalog an 80% post-consumer made anti-corrosion polyethylene film, “Polieco”, but they are only the first two products from our catalog that will expose the logistics market to a new dimension, namely the handling and storage of goods in a sustainable way.

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