The female saber gave the first blue medals: Santuccio’s silver, and Navarre’s bronze

After the derby win in the semi-finals, the French defeated Kandasamy 15-12 Alberta. A disappointment for Fiamingo, she was eliminated by China’s Yiwen Sun in an extra blow

Italy’s first medals at the World Championships in Milan come from women. After defeating Mara Navaria in the semi-finals, Alberta Santuccio was defeated 15–12 in the final by France’s Marie-Florence Kandasamy, but won the silver medal. The Ex aequo bronze went to Navarra and China’s Yiwen Sun, who previously beat Rossella Fiamingo, leading 8-5 before surrendering 9-8 in an overtime. In the quarter-finals, Santuccio dominated France’s Alexandra Louis Marie, with a 15–5 victory. The fourth Italian, Federica Isola, was eliminated in the first round, and also in overtime, by the Chinese Sihan Yu, with a score of 15-14.


“An unusual result because it happened in Milan, in my home, but when you reach the final, a little bit of bitterness remains in your mouth. After a few minutes it will pass – Santuccio said right after the final to the Rai microphones – the team competition will also be important, let’s aim for qualification”.

Bronze medal

“I wasn’t expecting such a draw, I had to bring out not only my technique and tactics, but also my nails. I’ve struggled a lot physically, I’m not in very good shape, I’m coming from a devastating season – I’ve got Navarria stuck – my knees aren’t ready, I’m not aiming for it, I’m not aiming for my feet.”

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