Towards Euro 2024: FdI, Lega and those old friends in Brussels

to Mark Cremona

The parties of Georgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, allies in Italy but divided in Europe, are running in light of the vote in favor of Brussels.

Intense competition. and shear uniformity. Euro 2024 may seem far away, but it is precisely on this horizon that the Italian brothers and the League are already beginning to measure themselves. no Georgia Meloni no Matthew Salviniunited in the Italian center-right but divided in Brussels between the Ecr (Brotherhood of Italy) and the Id (Lega) Eurogroups, seems to have no intention of abandoning old friends: only yesterday both sides voted against a proposal to exclude Hungary. Victor Urban By the rotating presidency of the European Union scheduled for the second half of 2024, immediately after the European elections (the proposal was accepted by the European Parliament but not endorsed by the Council). And Orbán is already the first unknown: after his expulsion from the Chinese Communist Party in 2021 (but he had already been suspended since 2019) Meloni and Salvini openly courted him.

But the war in Ukraine changed the cards on the table: He might have already joined Georgia Meloni’s ECR were it not for the fact that the Atlantic line’s lack of ‘ifs’ and ‘ands’, or reservations from the Italian prime minister made Fidesz’s entry into the ECR inadvisable. It also makes the relationship with the Pis, Poland’s ruling party and Meloni’s first ally, more complicated: European criticism of anti-liberal and cult-inspired laws has been silenced by a very strong anti-Russian commitment and support for Ukraine. Provided by Warsaw. But the approach of the Polish elections (in the fall) is already tightening the tone of the Commission of Inquiry into Russian Interference, which the Prime Minister signed. MorawieckiIn Brussels it is mainly seen as a way to isolate his rival, the former liberal president Donald Tusk, now at the head of the main opposition party (PO). But the real point of challenge is the relationship with the popular Europeans. Restoring the power of the right wing of the party led by Manfred Weber He appears to be helping Giorgia Meloni with her strategy, and is the MEP Charles Fidanza It is summed up as follows: “Bringing the Meloni model to Europe. A center-right government puts the left and right allied with the populists into a corner.”

Matteo Salvini, in theory, should fit into this picture. But its allies in identity and democracy are weary: the German far-right of AfD and also the National Assembly Marine Le Pen. Both are indigestible for the German people. Thus, the spotlight is now focused on the Spanish elections: a possible government between Popolari and Fox would be the most auspicious of gifts to the Italian rival allies. It is understood that Europeans rely on a relative system: competition between the parties is inevitable.

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Jun 2, 2023 (changed Jun 2, 2023 | 5:14 pm)

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