Udinese, prestigious victory over Leipzig: Samardzic’s masterpiece

I’m in the process of putting together a finalist who knocked out the German national team, and that’s not enough for the Openda draw. It ends 2-1, the Friulians’ self-esteem increases

Increases self-esteem. Because beating Leipzig, who will soon play in the Champions League, is no small feat, even if we are talking about a pre-season friendly match played on July 25. But Udinese set up two goals for the Germans. It ended 2-1 with goals from Samardzic, Masterpiece, and young Semedo. And this is a fact of merit for the team that Andrea Sutil has been working for for two weeks, first in Udine and now in Bad Kleinkirsheim in Austria. The match against Leipzig was played in Linz, where Udinese stayed last summer.


The Friulian team entered the field with what could also be the formation that will start the tournament against Juventus, by decree 3-5-2. In front of Silvestri, Perez, Pegol and Massina, in the middle, Iboseli, Samardzic, Wallace, Lovric and the only new contract, Zemora who replaced Odogi sold to Tottenham. In the attack of the Thauvin-Beto couple with the Frenchman who at the moment takes the unavailable Deulofeu place. Udinese started very well against a decidedly stronger team. He plays in the second half and scores after 15 minutes through Zemora, but for offside. But after 24 minutes, the Bianconeri advanced with the star Samrdzic that Inter wanted: they began to advance, moving the ball to the right and kicking a tricky ball into the corner that slipped from Blaswich’s hands and entered. Leipzig tries to equalise, but Beto comes close. Thus ends the first half. In the second half, the Germans, who in any case lined up all the top players, changed a lot, only goalkeeper Sutil, Padelli instead of Silvestri. In the 66th minute, Werner Upenda sent in, touched the ball just enough to clear newcomer Gisand and scored with a powerful right foot. Even the Juventus coach changes and removes the ace from the bench. He is the young Portuguese Semedo. Whoever is in the final has the satisfaction of scoring the decisive goal which was well served by newcomer Blue. The Germans try again, but this time without success. Udinese returns to Bad Said. On Saturday he will face another top player from Germany, Union Berlin. Meanwhile, the club announced another arrival: Belgian defender Capassele (b. 91) taken from the family’s other club, Watford.

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