Senate, the majority agenda accelerates on autonomy and the presidency. Opposition arose: “Political exchange between FdI and Lega”

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Seating was suspended twice while proposals were examined, as agendas were not expected to be presented. M5S: “Mercimonio led by Salvini and Meloni”. Pd: “missed opportunity for discussion”

The center-right is accelerating reforms. Yesterday in the Senate, the leaders of the majority group presented an agenda for the autonomy proposal of Alleanza Verdi e Sinistra which calls for speedy approval of the autonomy bill and for that presidential. The law requires the “Senate to approve” Calderoli bill On the issue of differentiated autonomy, and quickly, taking into account the indicators and proposals for amendment that were put forward during the examination in the body, in line with what is indicated in the government’s program, “including” the constitutional amendment aimed at achieving the maximum form of democracy through the direct expression of the popular will. Opposition protestswith M5S talking about the “trade” between FdI and Lega, and the Democratic Party accusing the “failed opportunity of confrontation by the majority”.

Comment twice

The Council is outraged by the fact that the presentation of the agendas was not expected during the examination (without public discussion) of the proposals, but above all the proposal signed by the leaders of the four majority group is the one targeted by the opposition parties. The session was suspended twice and the Cluster Leaders Conference convened.

Pd and M5S attacks

About the leader of the Democratic Party Francesco BocchiA “I regret to point out to the Chamber that a joint debate on all relevant issues is turning into yet another missed opportunity. I tell Minister Calderoli that it is no coincidence that 6 out of 9 proposals can emerge from this House by a large majority, because these are common issues that concern Italians. For a Minister to dismantle one proposal piece by piece in an attempt to redo what he has already done in the Committee on Constitutional Affairs which essentially means ‘in the end I decide, because this is the government’s programme’, he risks blowing up our agreements as well as the relations between the majority and the opposition. Also It lasts Alessandra Majorino, leader of the M5S group: «Today, the majority endorsed in black and white the quid pro quo between the old Spacca-Italia project of the Northern League and the presidential ambitions of the Brotherhood of Italy. The majority show their fragility by feeling the need to put this exchange in writing as if it were before a notary, obviously not trusting each other. Each of them aims to bring their plunder back home by trampling on the powers of Parliament and not caring for the interest of the country. This is the grim picture we face, before which the Five Star Movement demands the immediate withdrawal of the shameful stench that testifies to this shameful commercialization organized by Salvini and Meloni.

Avs and Action-IV

«The possibility of presenting agendas at the Cluster Leaders Conference was not discussed – says Hectare Pepe de Cristofaro (Avs) -. But out of the way, I would like to inform the room of the merits of proportionality in which he wrote exactly what some, if not all, opposition forces have been claiming for some weeks, which is that this clause is part of a genuine political exchange because the reference is to something that has or has nothing to do with differentiated self-government: “constitutional change” and that is “the presidency or the premiership.” The document makes it clear that there is a majority party, FdI, who cannot say that but is very concerned about the question of home rule also for reasons of historical centralism. There is another party, the League, which has Doubts about the presidential system or the premiership, and the combination of these two things is the political agreement we are witnessing: I will get differentiated autonomy and in return I will give you the premiership. These two very important questions are the result of a real political exchange ».

Fourth Working Group Leader Enrico Borgo Complaint: «With this discrepancy with the proposition of self-government, the inner difficulty of the majority is evident. They presented the agenda in an informal manner, betraying the fragile balance within the majority. I would like to remind the advocates of the Italian right, jokingly, that July 25 is not the right day in history to present an agenda,” he says, referring to July 25, 1943 when the Great Council of Fascism voted on the agenda without confidence in Benito Mussolini.

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