Carol Maltezi, the killer was not sentenced to life in prison because she “was unrestrained, and he felt used”

The reasons for the judges’ sentence to 30 years for the murderer of the militant actress have been published

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David Fontana44, banker and food blogger 30 years for the murder of Carol Maltezi, 26-year-old actress. A punishment decided by judges who did not accept the death penalty request from the public prosecutor and civil parties. In the motives there is a passage destined to provoke discussion: “She was young and unrestrained, he was madly in love.”

Reasons for conviction

The judges think so David Fontana killed Carol Maltezi Because he realized that “after using it to a certain extent, it was blown away”. For the judges of the Court of Busto Arsizio, the thought of “losing contact with her whom he loved madly by his confession and according to his friend and witness” was unbearable, as can be read in the excerpts from the sentence cited by the Corriere della Sera. According to the judges, she helped 44-year-old Carole Maltese Fontana “overcome the great isolation that had previously consumed him and live in a different and fulfilling way.” A man will move to act not out of jealousy “But for the realization that he has lost the woman he loved, combined with a growing sense of frustration at being used and cast aside.” Maltese allegedly “used him to some extent to better their personal and professional interests”. This feeling of use will prompt him to act.

Rescue crime, except premeditation

Therefore, the judges Except premeditated, considering that the act of conduct “requested by the defendant was supported by direct malice, if not by deliberate malice.” In addition to motivation It cannot be considered “distasteful or useless in the technical-legal sense”, thus eliminating the aggravating circumstances associated with murder committed for pointless reasons. Killing was a way out of a state of uncertainty and suffering that a man could no longer bear because of a decision Carol turns away from him. In fact, the woman was about to join her 6-year-old son in Verona. The text reads how “a cause is not regarded more contemptuously than any other leading to a bloody crime, for it was neither the expression of an entirely unjustified inner motion nor merely the pretext of an outburst of criminal impulse.”

The Murder of Carol of Malta: The Story

David Fontana on January 11, 2022at Riscaldina near Legnano, He killed Carol Maltese with a hammer, slashing her throat then dismemberment of the corpse And store pieces for weeks in the freezer that you buy from Amazon. Finally he tried to burn the pieces on the grill and then dumped them in a ravine where a passerby noticed them. For 3 months Fontana told everyone that Carol was there Business trip to DubaiReassure friends and relatives. But according to the judges, dividing the body into 18 parts should not lead to a false “conclusion Cruelty The 30-year prison sentence for Fontana was greeted by Fontana’s 30-year prison sentence with tears, saying, “There is no justice,” and even then the woman’s ex-partner commented on the lack of The life sentence is supported by incomprehensible reasons, and certainly these reasons will not reassure the morale of Carroll’s relatives.

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