Bank of Italy, pressure on business loans continues

Bank lending survey

In the second quarter of 2023, a new tightening was recorded, but to a lesser degree than that reported in the previous three quarters.

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Business loans continue to be stressed. write it Bank of Italy In the Eurozone Bank Lending Survey, it confirmed that in the second quarter of 2023 supply standards on business loans recorded a new tightening, but to a lesser extent than those reported in the previous three quarters.

Greater risk perception

In Bankitalia’s report, it highlights that “additional tightening continued to reflect a greater perception of, and lower tolerance for, risk.”

The criteria for offering mortgage loans to families remain unchanged

On the other hand, the criteria for offering home mortgage loans remained unchanged “after a prolonged tightening phase,” even if “intermediaries continued to report a decrease in risk tolerance.” Decreased demand for credit from households for home purchase and consumption purposes. In either case, the rising level of interest rates and deteriorating confidence continue to make a negative contribution. On the corporate side there was a “new noticeable decline reflecting both the increase in the general level of interest rates and the decline in fixed investments”.

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