Ceramics, negotiations are underway to renew the contract for 25 thousand employees

Negotiations for the renewal of the contract for ceramics and tiles have begun. Confindustria Ceramica in Rome met with the trade unions, Filctem Cgil, Femca Cisl, Uiltec Uil to start a dialogue in which 25,000 workers participated. In their application platform, the unions asked for a total increase of 260 euros for three years, which represents the heart of the applications, among which also the improvement of allowances, rights and work organization, including the classification system with reference to the new occupational figures.

To frame the context in which the negotiations are taking place, Confindustria Ceramica has provided the other party with data on the economy, production and employment in the sector. For the unions, at this point, there is a need for “an agreement that defends the purchasing power of wages, in the face of the massive increases that have affected the salaries of male and female workers.”

The next plenary session has already been scheduled for October 23.

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