Minimum Wage, Meloni: “Let’s be open to confrontation with the opposition.” The dispute over the postponement exists

divisions in the majority

After Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s “opening” on minimum wages, there are many, in Transatlantico, who highlight divisions within government forces on the issue. With an “open” front, on the one hand, and a less willing front, well represented in the recent statements made by the proponents of Forza Italia against minimum wages.

In the end, the ruse emerged, as the majority refrained from giving public opinion a controversial political signal, rejecting the proposal in the commission to vote on the repressive amendment. The intention, already made clear in recent days, was made clear by Rizzetto himself. Accordingly, in the House, the majority is already willing to “agree to suspend the motion to further deepen the debate.” Translator: Examination of the PDL file will be postponed to September, so that the government can better work on its counter-proposal.

Pd reaction

The hypothesis put forward by the FdI deputy did not surprise the Democratic Party, which in part shouted victory. “If President Rizzito is considering not voting for him on the committee,” said group leader Diem on the working committee Arthur Scott – It means that the opposition’s strategy has succeeded: we avoided discrediting millions of people ».

longest reaction Cecilia Guerra“President Meloni answers the point,” said the director of the lobbying office of the Democratic Party’s National Secretariat. The topic of minimum wage and fair pay has been under discussion in the room since March. And it is by the will of the opposition.” “Is it possible that in all these months you and your majority have not been able to put forward an iota of motion? We put forward a common one of dissenters. What do you think? We want to know this. Did you say open to confrontation? It was time. We are here. From now on. We are ready. And you?”

The fight in the courtroom

However, there are still concerns about what might happen in the room. Vote or not on the amendments in the Commission, the Commission for the Development of Circulation will arrive in Palazzo Montecitorio on Thursday 27 July. Scotto doubts the intentions of the majority. “I am not convinced,” he said, “that work on the minimum wage is suspended, perhaps because it is lost in the port of mist of the sections of the majority.” The Democratic Party said it was “willing to act in August as well”, and reiterated its opposition to the “delay”. M5s is waiting to understand developments in the committee and has chosen not to comment on Rizzetto’s hypothesis. However, leader Giuseppe Conte explained: «If there is a concrete proposal for comparison, a constructive contribution or an amendment, we can accept it. Otherwise, we do not accept referrals, scams and scammers ». The pentastellato president denied any “opening” by Meloni and called on the government to come out into the open. “We are left with those who say – he added – that the minimum wage is a Soviet ideological measure, a form of welfare, a deception,” he added.

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