The port of Taranto is resuming dredging to attract larger vessels

harbor Tarentum Dredging of the seabed resumes in front of the multi-section berth where the container terminal of the Turkish Yallburt Group is located. The aim is to make the sea floor as deep as 16.50m to allow larger ships to dock at the station and thus have more traffic. The business was reassigned to the companies ranked second in the ranking, the Italian company Fincosit and the Dutch company De Nul, after the Ionian Seaports System Authority terminated the contract with Partecipazioni Italia for the group. We build which in turn was replaced childbirth The initial contractor of the contract.

Works condition

The works included the construction of the reclaimed basin, where the marine sediments are deposited for drilling (amount of 2.3 million cubic meters), and the intervention on the seabed. The tank was built but not tested and therefore, as there was no evidence of its tightness, the dredging did not begin. The amount of completion is estimated at 35.080 million euros, and through the various commitment decisions issued from 2014 to 2021, there is an availability of 15.061 million euros.

expected stages

referral to Vincocet De-Nol will continue in phases. We start with static function tests and sea edges. Trials last 98 days. Two more stages follow: updating the executive project based on the results of the tests, and after testing the previously executed works, starting the completion of the contract. At the moment there is no estimate of dredging implementation times because first we need to see how the initial phase of about 3 months, 98 days of testing, goes. If these close positively, shoveling can begin immediately afterwards. However, the case is different if other work is required on the restored tank.

Migrants, their emergency disembarkation concluded in the port of Taranto

Wellport requests

The deeper sea floor also serves as station operator Wilburt request from the authority. In fact, the agreement reached between the two parties expected the Yaleport Company to undertake to bring in more traffic and to complete investments in the terminal and power to carry out dredging work. Maersk Group One of the people Yilport contacted. The Danish operator has already arrived at the port, testing its organization with some test loads, but then discussion has been put on hold pending infrastructure developments as well.

A drop of 8.2% per semester

Meanwhile, the first six months of 2023 closed out the Port of Taranto with a negative mark. Compared to the same period in 2022, there was a decrease of 8.2%, and the total cargo handled reached 7,072,301 tons, compared to 7,702,080 a year earlier. Solids, that is, raw materials destined for ex-Ilva, contributed to the decline by -13.3%, goods in containers -58.4%, and other miscellaneous goods -8.1%.

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