Cig, Revised Shifts, Smart Work, Stop Being ‘Hot’: Harsh Climate and New Work Rules

Sage, shifts to review, stop at work: upcoming protocol

Cig, shifts must be reviewed, and work must be stopped in the event of overheating. Between extremely high temperatures and extreme weather events, the protocol for dealing with the climate emergency has arrived at work. The text presented to the discussion table between the government, unions and labor associations with the Ministry of Labor, in which the Ministry of Health, Enl, Inbis, Enel also participates, has been concluded.

The document for adopting measures to contain occupational risks from exposure to high temperatures in the workplace will be determined in the upcoming meetings and starts from effects of climate change In progress and identifies points needed to adapt organizational models. The goal is to protect workers and avoid accidents related to high temperatures. As during a pandemic, the protocol must be implemented after approval by decree. But let’s see the measures under discussion.

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