Psychologist, allowances and higher training so Flo works to improve the well-being of its 800 employees

Complementary new company contract and personal platform to improve the well-being of its 800 employees. Flo Group, which specializes in food packaging and the production of cutlery and food containers, has chosen to improve the tools needed to support parenting and train its workers. The Group, in the context of continued expansion, plans to improve its internal organizational well-being, but also its external attractiveness since it is also looking for new senior figures including Marketing and Communications Specialists, Group Treasury Manager, Financial Consolidation Specialist and Mechanical and Electrical Maintenance Technicians, to strengthen the Fontanellato office.

My husband is training

To raise the skills of workers, in the first half of 2023 the group provided 566 hours of vocational training, an increase of 103% over the same period in 2022. To raise awareness of the importance of language and digital skills, it also provided financial rewards to those who obtained language certificates, diplomas/degrees or participated in vocational courses aimed at computing or technical disciplines compatible with their duties in the company.

Psychological comfort

“The employees are the real engine of the group – says the CEO of Flo, Daniele Simonazzi – and thanks to their constant commitment, in these 50 years we have achieved ambitious goals, such as acquisitions abroad, the transformation from a company that produces only plastic containers to a multi-material product, and the important path of a sustainable transition, which led us this year to the publication of the first group ESG. That is why we decided to pay more attention to their well-being ». yen at Fontanellato and Verona (ISAP) offices so far 600.

Higher benefits for vacation, maternity and paternity leave

The group also improves conditions for parents and those who decide to take a break from work. For those who requested leave, the company undertakes to compensate 25% of the monthly salary for a maximum of 12 months, in addition to what is already guaranteed by the state. Furthermore, for working mothers, the envisaged wage for voluntary leave has been increased by 10% for a maximum period of 6 months: this means that workers are entitled to 40% of the wage compared to the 30% prescribed by law. For new dads, on the other hand, the company is acknowledging an additional 8 hours of paid leave, bringing the number of days of paternity leave to 11.

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