Document on Raoul Gardini, the accuracy of the investigation is missing

to Aldo Grasso

Director Francesco Mecic is too skilful to indulge in a picture of hagiography, even if attention to the sailing company deviates slightly from the complex financial vicissitudes.

The interview’s narrative tool facilitates the transition from fictional to archive, and from written to real interviews. Businessman Raoul Gardini from Ravenna (Fabrizio Bentivoglio
), at the height of his success, decides to interview a young journalist (Pilar Fogliari) to avoid an outdated flashback device and personalize the story.

Thirty years after his deaththe documentary Raoul Gardeni (Rai1) tried to reconstruct the character of the champion of economic life and restore an important chapter in the history of our country. On July 23, Gardini’s lifeless body was found in Milan, in an apartment in the Palazzo Belgioioso, thirty years old. It was a shock that had media reverberations all over the world. Starting from the inheritance of his father-in-law Serafino Ferruzzi, in ten years Gardini created the agro-chemicals group, Ferruzzi-Montedison, of world proportions, with more than 90,000 employees and, at the same time, ascended, as a shipowner and sailor, to the heights of the America’s Cup.

The docufiction starts directly from the sports establishment Del Moro in Venice, from the luxurious opening in the Venetian Lagoon to the first races. The swamp of Venice – Gardini admits to the journalist – is a symbol of adventure, a metaphor for my life.

Directed by Francesco Mecic Editorial by Giovanni Filipetto, too clever to give himself up to the sacred card, to the image of sanctity, even if the urgent interest in the sailing project diverts attention somewhat from complex financial events (failed merger between Eni and Montdisson, unfulfilled promises on tax exemption for capital gains made by Montdisson …), from the conflicts between the Gardini family and Turquoise.

A product on Ford that lacks guts of fiction (was it really a misunderstood vision?) of rigor of investigation (the role of the parties in stripping the industries of the state). At least we have an idea of ​​what clean hands are like.

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