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Approval of amending the Jubilee Decree Law: A new scientific committee of six members appointed by the Minister. Students in front of Montecitorio

“I am concerned that the refurbishment of the Center for Experimental Cinematography that Marta Donzelli started will come to a halt. The CCS is certainly a body that needs to be rejuvenated and removed from the bureaucratic hurdles that have often limited its proactive choices and capabilities. Marta Donzelli was such that he was able to meet challenges that an institution like this could not fail to meet. sin. I do not find it right to exclude the possibility of completing the course ». It also interferes Alberto Barbera, director of Venice 80, at the bottom of the show program for the edition beginning August 30, commenting on the controversy surrounding a Northern League amendment that changes the management of the Film School and the National Film Library, eliminating its senior management two years ago. In fact, on Tuesday morning, by 28 votes in favor and 19 against, the amendment to the Jubilee Decree Law, introduced in recent days by Lega deputies Igor Izzi, Simona Bordonali, Laura Raveto and Alberto Stefani – which modifies the structure and profession of the institution that is a film school and a national film library, which abolished its presidency and its board of directors two years ago. Despite the protests of the students and the large mobilization In recent days hundreds of directors, actors, screenwriters, producers and editors have participated, from Paolo Sorrentino to Marco Bellocchio, from Nanni Moretti to Wim Wenders.

The station was used to set up a small station release To the earlier draft of the amendment: the members of the new Scientific Committee – not just four but six – will be appointed not only by three Ministries (Culture, School, Merit and Finance) but also by the University (chaired by Minister Anna Maria Bernini). Other measures such as eliminating the role of General Manager (currently Monica Cipriani) remain unchanged. Since the morning of July 25, students have brought the sign that appeared on July 20 at the entrance to the headquarters in Via Tuscolana in front of Montecitorio «Culture is not compartmentalized – the CSC does not abide». They also protest 100 authors – In recent days, who From Francesca Comencini to Ivan Cotronio Present to meet students with constant supervision: «Like an owl when it appears in the daytime. Nothing like quoting fromHenry VI Shakespeare used by Leonardo Sciasia to open Owl Day It could best describe the duplicity and disgusting opacity with which this government and its advocates have organized, protected, and achieved the goal of the Amendment containing CSC reform… After ten days of meeting and negotiating tables with the 100 authors pledged, after the 100 authors were asked to send emails to fix appointments that this government’s supporters had no intention of conceding instead, the 100 authors. He always brings up adversaries in us.”

And the political reactions did not last long. «Hands off the culture“, He says Eli Schlain, Secretary of the Democratic Party. At a press conference he held in Montecitorio to denounce the “coercion” of the majority. «We are on the side of the students of the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia protesting for a fight made for posterity, the right to free and independent cultural spaces in the face of another attempt by the commissioners after that of INPS and Inail, and the public media. This is not just a thirst for power and places, but a plan to control places of production of imagination that we cannot accept: the message is “Hands off cinema and places of culture. We ask the government to reconsider, there is still time ”said Schlein, who, together with Arturo Scotto and Simona Bonafé, clarified the terms of the rule. We, in turn in the committee, tried to convince the government to withdraw the amendment and open a discussion table with Minister Sangiuliano, who refused us. Sangiuliano is very “hungry” at this point, in fact, all departments have ended up under the supervision of the ministry. We call for change in defense of the autonomy and freedom of Italian culture. They want to occupy the position of CSC politically, just look at the appointment of the Scientific Committee. ” Superstars leader Antonio Conte also protested. “Restricting oneself to appointing the top management of the center is one thing, and designing it is another Fine division of politics It also extended to the Scientific Committee, with a surgical division of seats between the various majority powers. impossible. They continued their way, without even presenting a comprehensive reform project, but simply introducing an amendment to the jubilee decree in the middle of summer. The autonomy and autonomy of this strategic and also important cultural institution is not compromised at the international level, without even listening to the protest of the students who have been there for days. Today Meloni’s government is turning its back on the demands of youth and students and the appeals of the world of cinema and culture. We will remain at the side of these students as in these days, to listen to them and bring their requests to Parliament. Let’s not let the lights go out.”

“No subdivision but a true meritocracy: I remember the previous judgment referred to by Minister Franceschini. We will have to review student costs and assess management costs, ensure an experimental center that can train competitive professionals for the national audiovisual sector, as well as encourage interest in cinema in schools » claimed the head of the Culture Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and co-signatory of the amendment of the PA decree bis. Federico Mollicone. “The approval of the Amendment by the Labor and Constitutional Affairs Committees on the conversion of the Experimental Center for Cinematography was good. Parliament, always sovereign, has broadened the governing body, filling the hitherto incomprehensible omission of university and education, and has expanded the aims of the center to include interaction with new sectors and new technologies, such as artificial intelligence.”

The former Minister of Culture answers Enrico Franceschini: «I have read that the University, to justify the shameful amendment nullifying the CCS Board of Directors, speaks of a subdivision by me. Here are the two boards I appointed, respecting and not amending the applicable regulations. Everyone can assess whether the names are a guarantee of power and independence or not. Board of Directors 2017: Felice Lodadio, President; Nicola Giuliano, then Giancarlo Giannini; Aldo Grasso and Roberto Ando; Charles Verdon. Board of Directors 2021: Marta Donzelli Head; Christiana Capotondi, Gwendalina Ponti, Andrea Purgatory
». A board of directors that should have remained in office until 2025. For the record, Saturday evening 29 of Effetto Notte’s review will be dedicated to Andrea Purgatori, who died on July 19, with a screening of the film Rubber wall By Marco Risi Written by him.

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