Massimiliano Caiazzo, the good hero of Marie Fauri: «It is difficult to act among the ‘bad guys’»

to Claire Mavioletti

The only 26-year-old actor of the series: “I was overwhelmed by an unexpected success.”

For Massimiliano Caiazzo, even going jogging has become complicated. «Only the other morning a boy appeared before me and said: ‘Face in a picture.’ This is how it works now.” Carmine, the character he’s been playing in “Marie Faure” since 2020, not only gave him great popularity. Her kind hero, resistant to the Camorra despite being immersed in a world of violence, entered the hearts and stomachs of the audience who made the series a phenomenon, and turned this 26-year-old young actor who was about to debut at the time, into one of the most likable faces of the show. “The nice thing is to see that the audience, through him, has become Mole. “Follow me and also follow me on my other projects. This has lessened the little fear that sometimes knocks you over when you’re on projects with such great success, that you’ll end up being held up for a bit.”

Cinema is not only accepted (also) by fashion, very popular (too) on social media (nearly one and a half million people on Instagram alone), Caiazzo chooses his commitments carefully: in Nastri d’Argento he was awarded Best Young Actor for “Piano Piano” and also “Filumena Marturano” was a success. Among the upcoming stations are the new season of “Marie Furie” and the Disney + series “Underboys”. “I had to explore a new way of life. But people are interested to see what I do: it is very important.”

Acting is a love he took from act over time. «As a child, although I did not know that there was a profession like that of an actor, I loved to repeat what the characters did in the movies. I never said, “When I grow up, I want to act,” but I found myself Spider-Man or Buzz from Toy Story: I wanted to go towards infinity and beyond.” It was a middle-class family: “Mother was a professor, now a principal, father at that time a councillor in my town’s municipality.” But he was already a little man: «I was so awful, rambunctious. Sport helped me calm down, but before that it was difficult to manage.” Nothing exciting: «Maybe I dropped out of school, things like that. But, above all, I have always wanted to assert my identity, and not accept what I was told as a postulate ».

Like: don’t act. “It is not a legal courseBut I forced myself. My parents didn’t hold me back much but there was a fair amount of fear, also because they didn’t expect it.” For several years Caiazzo did not dare to share his passion: «I kept it to myself, both with friends and at home. There was a fear of negative judgment that might cause disappointment. To me it was such a precious thing to even imagine… I wanted to protect it.”

And then, in silence, he started at about the age of fifteen To attend the first neighborhood theaters: «The first performances were with the parishioners, but I already felt a sense of peace on stage, it was the first signs. In the fourth year of high school, Gianfelice Imparato took an acting course in my town, Castellammare di Stabia ». There is the Enlightenment: «I realized that I had put my best effort into it, having studied much and without hypotheses, when in certain questions it had cost me enormous effort to do so. I got into biotechnology but in class I went backstage to play. I said to myself: Who am I kidding? With my heart pounding, I decided: I’m going to drop out of college.” The first who told him that he could do it was Umberato himself: “He said to me:“ You have to go to Rome.

Soon after, the «Marie Furie» arrived. “They aren’t Growing up in those contexts, at most I saw something from afar. Carmine and I are now adults together.” Didn’t expect this explosion. “Nothing. Now we’re enjoying the ride. In the early days we also went out with the other actors in the cast, and today it’s hard.” Impersonating the good part in such a cruel world wasn’t a simple thing: “For me, doing ‘good’ was the real difficulty. It started from a character judgment that held me back a bit: If I’m good, I don’t have to do this thing. But it becomes so by crossing its own gray areas.All bad things bring out your dark side: choose to be good because you know what bad is.

In the chapter Dreams Come True, he mentions “Slowly”Acting with Lilo Arena, who along with Troisi is one of the legends of my childhood, was incredible. On the first day of filming, I called my father and told him that it was the best day of my life. In the future, he does not rule out the output: «I love everything in this world, it is a playground consisting of many different games. On the set of “Mare Fuori” I sometimes asked that I could shoot some scenes, I’m very curious. But these are more than just goals. The dream is to find my calmness and also to have a family, I feel prepared.”

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