French trains land in Italy: in Rome, Milan, Naples and Venice with SNCF. Reply to Frecciarossa Milan-Paris

What does the project include?

It also explains Le ParisienThe first flights will be available from June 2026, gradually increasing until March 2028, and will be a total of 13 round trips per day. 9 between Milan and Rome and 4 between Turin and Venice – plus two buses between Paris and Milancompared to the current three. The French newspaper was able to view the confidential document for presenting the plan, which states that there are two reasons behind this step: on the one hand. International development towards other European markets, starting with expansion in SpainOn the other hand, resist the origins of Trenitalia on French soil. SNCF wants to limit its investment capacity – we read – effectively reducing margin expectations in the national market. Moreover, the “Allegro project” categorically excludes cooperation between the two countries’ existing railway operators and will only reinforce social dumping (the practice of employers using cheap labor, ed.), both in France and in Italy.

Ouigo’s low-cost model

On April 26, the plan could be submitted to the European Enterprise Committee (EEC), the SNCF’s internal body responsible for foreign expansion strategies, even if the group has made no comment yet. It is likely that the model that will be implemented in Italy will be very similar to the one that has just been launched in Spain: in 2021 the company will launch a line of low-cost Ouigo trains Between Madrid and Barcelona and also from the capital to Valencia for the year 2023 Plans to open new routes to Alicante and Seville. The Ouigo model is particularly competitive thanks to its attractive prices and the ability to purchase online. In our country, SNCF can count on the Svi subsidiary (SNCF Voyages Italia), which already operates the border crossing for trains traveling between Paris and Milan, and above all has one safety certificate, the railway license required to operate in the region.

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