“From Santanchè’s unscrupulous behavior”: a motion of no confidence from a 5-star motion

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M5S calls for his resignation because there is a tendency to regard market rules, union rules and social security as tinsel that hinders freedom of entrepreneurship

Unscrupulous behaviour. This is the indictment that Movimento 5 Stelle demands the resignation of Tourism Minister Daniela Santanch. The text of a motion of no confidence that will be put to a vote in the Senate on Wednesday the 26th has been deposited. From journalistic investigations – the document reads – a tendency emerged to view market rules, trade union rules and social security as trappings impeding freedom of entrepreneurship, unscrupulous behavior that could not be typical of a minister. The facts revealed – adds M5S – severely undermine the Secretary’s credibility and constitute a serious prejudice to her ability to carry out the delicate tasks to which she has been called upon.

It is necessary – we read again – that our country and its institutions should be like that They are safeguarded, in their prestige and dignity, also by the principle of respecting honor for those charged with public office. The document also refers to the political responsibility of the prime minister who directs the general policy of the government, under Article 95 of the constitution. He expresses his lack of confidence in the Minister of Tourism, Senator Daniela Garneiro Santanch, and obliges him to submit his resignation.

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July 25, 2023 (changed July 25, 2023 | 1:57 PM)

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