Marton tells Troisi about a soulful journey in his life

to Aldo Grasso

Available on Sky and Now. Someone Loves You There, a documentary film that reconstructs the life of the actor and director

On Sky Cinema now it can be seen Someone out there loves me

the Documentary film dedicated by Mario Martone to Massimo Troisi. A soulful journey, full of amazement and admiration not only for the actor whom everyone admired but also for the director, that is, for the one who contemplated cinema, distinguished himself poetically, also left a mark within the film.

Through many scenes from his films (in the first sequence I start again from the third, which opens with Gaetano Shout! Kejetan! Gaet! In a post-earthquake scenario all the explosive power of Trois has already been sealed), conversations with friends and scholars (including Francesco Piccolo, Paolo Sorrentino, Ficarra e Picone, Goffredo Fofi) and some photo testimonials (Giuseppe Bertolucci and Ettore Scola), and Martini continues the story on the cultural story.

The figure clearly stands out at the center of the reconstruction By Anna Pavignano, screenwriter and co-author of Troisi Films, longtime life partner and now custodian of an emotional and physical archive (how wonderful the scraps Massimo left for her!): her comedy has always been a mechanism for communicating serious content in a light way and for subconsciously sending heavy messages to be accepted if seriously revealed.

The spectator relives the famous scenes (in bed with Juliana De Sio hears the Cesena-Naples radio commentary in the voice of Nando Martellini, repeats famous jokes (E Fuss ‘o Ddio! Quali complex! You hold the whole ‘n’orchestra’ ncap, Robbe, he says to Renato Scarpa, choked by matrilineal complexes), rediscovers the meaning of the word metaphor mailman.

Nothing better could be done to change the fragility of Troisi, his inadequacy calculated in a strong moral impulse. Just a couple of small notes: the occasional literary voice-over and the parallels to the character of Antoine Doinel, the protagonist of François Truffaut’s films, are as fascinating as they are reckless and rambunctious.

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