Tijani: adjusting salaries to collective agreements, dismantling extras

Ensuring fair wages for workers and supporting low wages. This is the goal of the Forza Italia proposal presented at a press conference by Party Secretary Antonio Tajani, the leader of the group in the Chamber of Deputies Paolo Barelli and the deputies Chiara Tenerini and Rosaria Tascinari.

Proposing activities not covered by the contract

The proposal – which comes at a time when the minimum wage is dominating the debate – applies to work activities not covered by a national collective agreement (which concerns about 5% of Italian workers) the wage set by the leader of the national collective agreement in the sector of reference. In the absence of a specific reference sector, the wage equivalent to the average of the main national collective agreements applicable in similar sectors of work will be applied.

How to counter pirated contracts

With a view to counteracting the increasingly widespread phenomenon of piracy contracts, it is envisaged that even where there are contracts, but which stipulate amounts less than those envisaged in the main contract in the sector of reference, the wages of workers should be equal to the latter.

Thirteenth Tax Credit, Overtime and Night Pay

To support lower wages, for employees whose income does not exceed 25 thousand euros, some interventions are envisaged ranging from a thirteenth month tax abatement, overtime and night work, to a maximum of five thousand euros per year per beneficiary.

billion to cover

This measure is structural and not a one-off (one billion euros is expected). The technical coverage is currently set at 700 million euros from the linear reduction of ministries’ expenditures and 300 million to be paid by the Social Fund for Training and Employment. “Although the economic situation is recovering, inflation is making wages very low, and therefore we asked ourselves how to raise them. That is why we have thought of introducing a bill that we will present to our allies in the majority and to debate, if we want to seriously address the issue of workers’ wages, ”explained Tajani. “The best way is to use collective bargaining, but sometimes there are no consequences or even it is hacked and the worker is paid unacceptable wages.”

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