Does Michaela Ramazzotti have a new love? Pictures of the sea with Claudio Palletto, the former face of «Tamarid», are social proof

to Simon Marchetti

Dagospia has revealed a love story between the 44-year-old actress, who broke up with director Paolo Fierz at the beginning of the year, and the former star of the 2011 reality show Trivia, who is now a personal trainer and host of a ring. Gymnasium in Rome

Always concerned with her privacy, to the point of never letting anything personal leak on social media, this time Michaela Ramazzotti made an exception, being tagged in Claudio Pallitto’s Instagram stories, which Dagosby He refers to his new love, while they are on a beach vacation. The movie Paulo Ferrez never wanted to make. A kind of Italian comedy with traces between the somber and the grotesque, writes the Roberto D’Agostino website, referring to the ex-husband of the 44-year-old actress, the director from Livorno, the father of her two children, among whom a separation at the beginning of the year.

A personal trainer by profession, Pallitto – who appears to have left his partner and two daughters to stay with Ramazzotti – runs a gym in Rome, in the Appia district, and on social media his photos of chiseled biceps and pectorals abound, but his real passion is the entertainment world. After attempting a television career in 2011 with Tamarreide, in which, thanks to his outburst as a real-life Romanian (and a few blunders), he became one of reality’s most beloved characters, the 38-year-old personal trainer threw himself into a cinema, collecting only appearances in a few films, Including Siccit, directed by Virz.

But the tipping point may be just around the corner: Dago always reveals that Pallitto’s name will be in the cast of Felicit, Ramazzotti’s first film as a director. True passion between an actress, a gym, and a personal trainer, or a work-and-stop partnership? The answer to the next social episodes.

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