Nicole Kidman: “I challenge men to become a producer and teach my daughter not to let go of a mistake”

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The singer in «Special Operation: Lioness», in Paramount + from July 23, is at the head of a military program that is already in place: «I want to teach my daughter not to give up and to fight for doing what she believes in»

From our correspondent
– As she walks through the corridors of the luxurious hotel that hosts her, a gap arises around her, and people turn away, noticing her as she passes, as if followed by a ray of light that illuminates her even when she is not on stage or in front of the camera. It happens when you’re a singer. And
Nicole Kidman
It is: from Australia, where she grew up, to the rest of the world, where she has been able to make herself known, reach the pinnacle of her work and choose not to stop there. It will be available July 23 on Paramount+ Special Operation: Lionesswhich you not only see in the cast, but also in the role she says she is most proud of Executive Producer. Series starring Zoe Saldana, is the story of women, highly specialized Marines. Kidman is the head of the department – already in place – that infiltrates terrorist cells to eliminate them.

He is one of the women who do work that is generally considered to be a man’s.
“Cinema and television have a specific responsibility when they choose the kind of stories they tell,” explains the actress, wearing an elegant black dress, gracefully eating a fair amount of raspberries. Very blue eyes are the ones seen in a hundred movies, and now they accompany logical thinking with a serious look, and yet they are ready to light up in laughter.

Was it then necessary to tell women this way?
“Yes. And also because we have waited so long to be represented in the right way, there has been a balance, in short, which is the balance of real life. Especially today. A world where women are part of the decisions: everyday but also at the level of society.”

Can a TV series make a difference?
«Yes, especially if it is not conceived as a sermon, a sermon. But just wanting to show something that exists and therefore deserves to be said. However, I had never seen it on display before, which won me over.”

What amazed her?
“To get to know these women who lead such brave and intense lives, who find themselves performing unimaginable feats, which often lead them to feel conflicted even with their personal lives. It was important to say that it’s normal to wonder whether or not you made the right decision when responsibilities make you feel divided. But it was also right to show that in the end you always have to find the strength not to give up and move forward.

Did this happen to her too?
“So many times; who hasn’t this happened? I have often asked myself: if I go back would I do it again? I think it is a reflection common among women, of that sense of duty which, however, they still feel they have today, in regard to family, and affections , and many things. We have a sense of duty to the country they belong to, which they want to serve in the best way. I think it’s really noble.”

What seems noble to you?
“I find it noble for someone to make sacrifices without calling them sacrifices because they are doing something they believe in.”

As an actress who achieved the highest goals, reaching the level of her male colleagues, Hollywood still treats her better today. Her career is a message to women: It can be done.
“Yeah, I really hope so. I know it’s not like that for everyone and I also know, just as well, that it’s not that simple. But it’s a message I want to give and I hope you get through this series too. After all, that’s what I always say to my daughter too “.


“No to give up. And keep stubbornly pursuing your goals. So bad that things are going, what can happen? In the end you will reach others, no more. But it’s still worth it. What serves no purpose is torturing yourself for your mistakes.” Instead, conquest is learning to enjoy beautiful things in the moment they are there.”

Now what do you enjoy?
“The fact that I wanted to sit at a table almost as exclusively male as the production table. This is a new job I want to learn to make women’s voices heard more and more. And to do this when it comes to work is something completely different and therefore necessary. Doing so is a goal I feel I have achieved.”

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