Elio Germano: From debut at age 8 with Pandoro Bauli to top-secret private life, 5 things you don’t know

In 2020, Elio Germano won the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the 70th edition of the Berlinale, playing the great painter Ligabue in the film I Wanted to Hide from Giorgio Wrights. A fantastic film (broadcast tonight 10.00pm on prime time TV on Rai 3) which once again highlighted his immense and indisputable acting ability. And what better way to reach the 40-year milestone than to hold another statuette that testifies to how amazing you are? Germano was born in Rome in 1980. His parents are originally from Doronia, in the province of Campobasso. His first interpretation was in 1988 for the Pandoro Pauli TV commercial, and in 1995 he appeared in the Kinder Bueno commercial. We have to wait for his 13 years and the role of Cotoletta in the comedy by Castellano and Pepolo, Dad, you broke us for the first interpretation. Acting enters his life early, in fact, while attending the Scientific High School, he attends the Teatro Azione and finds an important teacher in Giancarlo Cobelli. Waiting for him, around the corner, he is appointed by the Fanzina brothers who entrust him with the role of the protagonist in Heaven in a Room, a successful film that catches the eye of filmmakers of stature by Ettore Scola who, in 2001, invites him to play the son of Diego Abatantuno in Unfair Competition.

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