‘Pancho Villa’, ‘A Spy Among Us’ and ‘Special Operation: Lioness’: 5 series for the weekend

Pancho Villa, who was born José Doroteo Arango Arambola, was many things together: landowner and ruler, Bandits and guerrillas, revolutionary and general. Pancho Villa: Centaurs of the North, which landed on Disney+ two days ago, reconstructs the epic story of one of history’s most famous Mexicans in ten half-hour episodes. Filmed entirely in the Jalisco series It starts from the caudillo’s adolescence To trace the events that led him to become the leader of the rebels. “An action and war series,” explains director Rava Lara, “which explores the contradictions between the protagonist: cruelty, but also his bright side.” Pancho Villa: Centaurs of the North up to the screen in conjunction with centenary of his assassinationWhich took place on July 20, 1923 in an ambush.

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