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Director Greta Gerwig continues her writing journey in search of moments of female liberation previously addressed in Lady Bird and Little Women.

Let’s put it this way: From Mattel’s point of view, the movie is about you Famous fashion doll It can be seen as a success, perhaps not from a commercial point of view (it seems that after sales exploits recorded during the pandemic, business has slowed down) but certainly from a promotional point of view because the whole movie Exaltation of the world of Barbie and its brand image, which eventually takes the form of a true commercial catalog.

seen from Margot RobbieTranslated but above all produced (through her company LuckyChap Entertainment), Operation Barbie
It sure has increased bargaining powerfor him star status And its advantages in defending women’s cinema. The same can be said of Greta Gerwig, in which she continues authorship path In search of those moments of liberation that he begins to tell with Lady Bird and then with Little Women: here the circle closes and the script written with her husband Noah Baumbach seems to want to revive Christine McPherson’s desire to escape and also with Jo March to provide inspiration for her restless Barbie Transformation from a doll into a woman.

But from the audience’s point of view? Here, let’s say it is from this point of view to judge which film stands these days Conquer the whole world More contrast and less mono. Because the ideas that have reached the goal, start with Pastel photography By Rodrigo Prieto To continue with a nice dose of irony that helps de-sweeten Super sugary world 12-heel dolls aren’t always backed up with proper pacing and creativity. after An impressive startAlready widely publicized by marketing, the doll’s arrival in the gaming world had the devastating force of 2001: A Space Odyssey (and the acting body of Margot Robbie), the movie immerses us in the world of Barbie, where All perfect, smooth and enveloping: the various doll incarnations live in a world devoid of shadows and imperfections, consisting only of smiles, dances and songs.

only misc The embodiment of Kane – There are the Caucasian (Ryan Gosling), the African-American (Kingsley Ben-Adir), the Oriental (Simo Liu) and others – they seem to be the prey of mutual envy and jealousy, without being able to undermine infectious harmony Barbieland. Surprisingly, Barbie herself succeeds, however, who finds that she even contemplates death and realizes she can no longer wear Heeled shoes. She’ll find out that someone in the real world has ended up assigning ideas to her as a normal woman, maybe even as a lowly woman, and she just has to go out there to try and close that weird door that connects humans with dolls. Surprisingly, Kane played by Ryan Gosling will also follow her on the journey.

At this point the movie is likely to be delayed by him educational aspirations: she meets a daughter and a mother (America Ferrera) who opens her eyes to women’s needs and the obstacles they face, while Ken embraces the worst examples. Arrogance and vanity male. And even in Barbie Land, he continued to demand the viewer’s overly childish complicity to overturn male dominance. L’Educational intent by Greta Gerwig Obvious.

At first it makes real-world Barbie a kind of silly and perplexed Forrest Gump (explicitly quoting the Robert Zemeckis movie) and eventually brings up Barbie’s inventor to replicate it Every girl is free
to convert it b
ampoule in something alternative to the more famous blonde and stylish icon, but ends up being her own prisoner ideological path And the final defense of his newfound sexuality is certainly not enough to give the film an edge charge of sympathy who needs it.

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