Verdoni: “Antenarciso and clear, he acted (well) for me: he played a collector”

to Renato Franco

The actor and director gave the missing journalist two small roles: in 2012 in “A Place in Heaven” and in 2016 in “We Made It Big.”

«You have to restThe last time I saw him, I said like this. You have to rest. I saw him so pale, so thin. Obviously, something was really wrong, the disease was already walking. We will miss him, and everyone will miss him. I will miss.” Charles Verdon – like everyone else – is surprised and shocked by his death Andrea Purgatory, great journalist With subtle irony, a man who knew how to alternate the rigor of investigation with the profound lightness of satire and comedy. Mars. As expected in Fascists on Marsone of the many jobs he shared with her Conrad Guzzante Which he remembers on social media like this: «One of my best friends died, a companion to a lot of crap like
The Scafroglia Affair, Fascists on Mars And whine
. Hugs to everyone I love, there are many.”

She was also among those who loved him …
«I lose a very dear friend, whom I respected greatly for his elegance. Andrea has always been a reserved, caring and generous man.”

What amazes you about him?
And Andrea never put his ego first. Among journalists there are many daffodils, but he was against daffodils par excellence. He was a decent person who never looked for the scoop, but was always clear and objective. He was searching for the truth: he was one of the great Italian investigative journalists.”

how did you meet
In an informal and natural way, as it happens in the world of cinema. I met him thanks to the director Marco Risi, then over the years we met again several times, spent dinners and evenings together, and more than once he asked me to give interviews for his program on La7. At one point, about ten years ago, I identified him as the right person for a small role in it Standing room in heaven».

That was in 2012. In the movie, she played a successful ex-recorder who lives in the back of his own vinyl shop and supplements his meager income by selling memorabilia.
“Andrea came to the shop to buy a Jim Morrison belt that I kept in a display case, it was my ‘brand’ vinyl shop and I didn’t want to give it away.”

Why did you choose it?

He was perfect, the right person: he represented a gentleman of my age who, like me, had a nostalgia for music and loved that belt. He offered me any amount and in the end I – who needed the money – gave in to his insistent requests. Andrea was so good, he did nothing wrong.”

In 2016, he also took her in We Made It Big, where Purgatori was a theatrical director.
“I liked his voice, hoarse, strong, chain-smoker, very radio voice. With a black turtleneck, he also had the physique of a stage director. In front of the camera he was self-confident, he acted with great naturalness, he was not afraid of anything ».

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